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Sierra Care Foundation, Africa Partner

June 2019

Welcome Little Ones To Agape Love, Love Is Here

Agape Love At Work In Sierra Leone Through 

Ibrahim Bangura,  County Director,  Sierra Care Foundation

Partners For Orphans of Ebola


Sierra Leone

Country in West Africa
Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone (/siˌɛrə liˈoʊn(i)/ , also UK:, US:), officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, informally Salone, is a country on the southwest coast of West Africa. It is bordered by Liberia to the southeast and Guinea to the northeast. Sierra Leone has a trop…

  • Founded: Apr 27, 1961
  • Population: 7.56 million (2017)
  • GDP: $3.82 billion USD (2018)
  • Area: 27,699 sq miles
  • Calling code: 232
  • Capital: Freetown

Listen to national anthem


Email Contact:  [email protected]

Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sierra-Care-Foundation-1767604860204893/videos/?ref=page_internal

LinkedIn Profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ibrahim-bangura-090603177/


Serving The Orphans of Ebola

If you feel led to contact Ibrahim Bangura, He would love for you to, Visit Their Facebook Page and see their Pictures, Meet Ibrahim and the orphan’s.  

Name of Organization: Sierra Care Foundation (SCF)
Address: 23 John Tucker Street Makeni
Contacts: +23280785549
Official Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Ibrahim Bangura
Contact person Email: [email protected]
Vision Statement
SCF work to enhance the promotion of rights and welfare needs of Orphans and other vulnerable children are met in our operational areas.
Mission Statement
SCF as a humanitarian organization which strongly works towards the facilitation and promotion of orphans and vulnerable children’s welfare needs and rights through accessible quality education, healthcare services, good and protected shelter, education, healthcare services, good and protected shelter, accessible balanced and nutritional food, security and care.
1. To identify orphan and vulnerable children
2. To secure funds to facilitate the welfare needs of orphan and vulnerable children
3. To empower and build the capacity of orphans and vulnerable from grass root level
4. To provide them with welfare and social protection
Organization Goals
1. SCF works to sustain the life of every child through basic needs provision such as (food, clothe and shelter)
2. SCF works to see that individuals, private and public institutions, protect every child.
3. SCF works as a key pioneer to advocate for children rights to all social, economic and political security
4. SCF works cordially in partnership with government and others
5. SCF works cordially in partnership with government and other Non-governmental organizations to solve the problems affecting orphans and vulnerable children.
Organization Financial Status
The organization is operating on strong and efficient financial policies. These as a result help the opening of a bank account where all cash of the organization are deposited. The organization accountants /financial secretary carry out monetary transactions. All cheques and other monetary documents are sign by SCF director or managers and approved by the board.
SWOT Analysis
1. SCF is able to assess and discover orphans and vulnerable children
2. The management of SCF have been able to raise funds on their own to take care of a number of children without any external support.
3. SCF has been able to upkeep volunteers that work for vulnerable children for the sake of humanitarian purpose
4. The management of SCF have been able to create sustainable fund raising activities to meet and to the sponsorship of the orphans and vulnerable.
5. Educated and well competent volunteers on humanitarian work in the organization.
1. The organization has limited resources to take care of alarming rate of increase of orphans and vulnerable children
2. There are large numbers of orphans and vulnerable children which the organization wants to reach but lack the financial capacity.
3. Lack of financial support to sustain volunteers
1. The organization has high competent mechanisms and the environment to provide protection and welfare for orphans and vulnerable children.
2. The education system in public schools in our country.
3. Most of the orphan children have been receiving partial help from other organizations
4. Some orphan and vulnerable children are also been taking care of by relatives of their dead parents
1. Lack of financial support to continue to support these orphans and vulnerable children
2. Inadequate logistics to operate in official standards to meet the needs and demands of orphans and vulnerable children and volunteers.

Pray for them that all their medical needs, physical needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs, nutritional needs are met and their educational needs meet and that all the financial assistance that is need comes forth out of the storehouse of hearts of Agape Love.

Click to get to The Wonderful Video on Facebook and The Interview.

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