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CTN – Christian Television Network of The Gulf Coast – WHBR TV 33




Agape Love, Love Is Here is Pleased To Announce It’s Entry Into Broadcast TV

2020 Begins a new level of social media and reaching out through one more platform,

Broadcast Television and it begins with a Ministry Spot on 

WHBR TV 33 of the Gulf Coast is apart of the Christian Television Network CTN out of Largo, Florida

WHBR TV 33 covers Pensacola to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and into Mobile, Alabama




•  CTN Headquarter – Home

CTN Gulf Coast
Christian Television Network ADDRESS:
6500  Pensacola Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32505
PHONE: 850-473-8633


Agape Love, Love Is Here

Is Now Being Introduced Into The World of Broadcast TV with simple ministry Videos on WHBR TV 33 on the Gulf Coast and will be broadcasted through out the commercial breaks from regular programing.

Is a Ministry Spotlight that provides Videos of encouraging words, announcements of events or stories of how God has shown Himself faithful.

It is an honor and privilege to be accepted on this Platform of Broadcast TV Media.

  Pastor Deborah had to learn how to record a video within 30 to 60 seconds with a camera and laptop.  Whew. Then to create a video with titles, lower thirds titles, ending titles and ministry information. Learning at a fast speed and taking new ground for Agape Love, Love Is Here.  

Then the video had to be sent for review and approval to be apart of the My Spot Ministry Spotlight.  The Ministry My Spot Video then would be aired on WHBR TV during  their commercial breaks and on their Facebook Page.


The Production Team at WHBR TV then added the final production touches to the video and even made very constructive suggestions such as to get a lapel mic for better sound and to try to record a few seconds less.  I think the first one I had 58 seconds, but the suggestion was to get it down to about 50 or 55 seconds.  Whew.  Work to do for sure

6500 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, Florida  32505

850-473- 8633

Thank you WHBR TV Production Team for your help and expertise and professionalism in bringing forth a wonderful finished and polished Video for Production on Broadcast TV on My Spot, A Ministry Spotlight.



Here Is the First TV Broadcast Ministry Spotlight

It is housed on Vimeo and can be seen here

under WHBR’S playlist of MY SPOT

Pastor Deborah Schleich,  Agape Love, Love Is Here

Hope you are Blessed and Filled With Hope and Love

The Title Is


Enjoy and Be Encouraged, More Are Coming


Maybe A TV Show In The Future

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