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Hello And Welcome

To The Agape Love Is Here On-Line Spiritual Education School

I Am Pastor Deborah And Will Be Your Teacher For This School Of Spiritual Education

This Is The First Day Of School And I Am So Glad That You Have Decided To Come To School Today And To Sit In The Class.  Each Class Is Designed To Be A Class In Itself.

Class Will Be About 10 – 15 Minutes Long. 

All Ages Are Welcome. 

The Door Is Always Opened To Those Who Desire To Learn More About Many Things Of The Spirit,

Including Many Things About The Real You,

The Spiritual Person Living Inside The Physical Body Of The Dust Of The Earth.

That Includes All Humanity!

Everyone Will Be Learning At Their Own Speed And You May Take Days Off.

Every One Will Need Days To Mediate And Ponder The Spiritual Knowledge Revealed By Pastor Deborah. 

You Will Need Time To Do Your Homework,

Oh Yes, There Is Homework!


You Will Take Tests On The Spiritual Knowledge You Have Been Introduced To.

The Tests Will Determine If You Have Received And Planted The New Spiritual Knowledge Into Your Spirit And If You Can Apply The Spiritual Knowledge To Your Spirit, Soul And Physical Body.

Remember That During Test Time,

You Will Discover For Yourself If You Have Truly Learned And Have Incorporated The New Spiritual Knowledge Into Your Life. 

Just Having The Spiritual Knowledge Does Not Mean You Can Apply It, Or

Truly Believe It And That The New Spiriutal Knowledge Has Changed Your Heart’s Precepts, Concepts, Ideas, Philosophy And Then Your Behaviors. 

Only When The New Spiritual Seeds/The Words Of Spirit & Life Are Received, Planted And Begin Growing In One’s Spiritual Heart, Can  Their Spiritual Fruit Become Available For The Soul To Taste And See That This New, Or Rather Ancient  Spiritual Knowledge Is It’s Way To A, Re-newed, Transformed Life Instead Of Living In It’s Old Life Of The Flesh And It’s Lusts.

  The Soul Must Be Spiritually Re-Newed To Ancient, Eternal Truths, Knowledge And Agape Love In Order For It To Be A True Image And Likeness Of It’s Spirit, A Vessel Of Communication 

The New Servant Of The Spirit, The True And Rightful King Of The 3-Part System,

The Spirit, The Soul And The Physical Body.

The Spirit Must Grow Strong In It’s Newly Acquired Spiritual Knowledge And Truths and Then Speak Them Out To It’s Soul, The Hidden Man Of The Deep Heart Of The Soul, The Sub-Conscious Mind.

  The Hidden Man Of The Soul Has Had It’s Mind, Will And Emotions Shaped In Sin and Conformed By Iniquity.  The Lust Of It’s Flesh And It’s Carnal Darkened Nature Rule It and The Physical Body. 

But The New Re-Born Spirit By Agape Love, Must Grow In The Ancient Spiritual Knowledge, Truths And Wisdom Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And Then Be Able To Transmit/Communicate This To It’s Old, Un-Renewed Hidden Man Of It’s Deep Heart Who Has Been The King, The Head Of This 3-Part System Living Inside Of A Dirt, Earthly Body of Dust, A Human, So It Too Can Be Re-Newed, Re-Born New, Living In And By Agape Love.

Then The WAR Is On!

  The Battle Between The New Spiritual Heart And It’s New, Yet Ancient Knowledge, Truths and Living In And By Agape Love And The Old Man Of The Hidden Heart/The Soul


These Spiritual Education Classes Of Agape Love Is Here’s Spiritual School Will Be Very Helpful, But Will Not Be The Only Place To Get This Knowledge.

There Are Other Sources Of The Ancient Spiriutal Knowledge, Truths And It’s Wisdom, But Agape Love Does Provide A Very Deep Level Of These Ancient Spiriutal Truths

 Of It’s Ancient Spiritual Knowledge And Of It’s Ancient Spiriutal Wisdom.  

Your Spiriutal Teacher, Pastor Deborah Is A Highly Trained, Educated And Spiritually Experienced Minister And Is Able To Provide Personal Spiritual Knowledge To Help You Learn About The Unseen Realm Of The Spirit And That Includes You Dear One.

Come & See, 

Come & Learn

Come & Be Spiritually Renewed In Knowledge Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And It’s Truths!


 So, When You Come To Class Be Ready To Listen With A Open Spiriutal Heart

Get Yourself A Notebook, A Pencil or Pen And Take Notes

You Are Welcome To Listen To The Classes Over And Over

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Pastor Deborah 

You May Contact Her In Spirit, By Phone, By Text, By On-Line Chatting, By E-mail, By Tweeting

So, Come To Spiritual School and Come And Hear Ancient Spiriutal Knowledge, Truths, And The Wisdom Of Agape Love’s Kingdom Of Heaven.

Pastor Deborah





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