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Hello and Welcome to The Audio Book Treasures of Agape Love, Love Is Here

 I am Pastor Deborah and am So Very Honored That You Would Choose To Open The Ancient Treasure Chest of The Kingdom Of Heaven and Listen To It’s Many Hidden Treasures It Has To Offer You and To Share With You About Yourself and Others and The Spiritual Realm.  These Audio Books Are For Your Spiritual Ears To Hear, For Your Spiritual Heart To Learn From and Then For Your Converting and Transforming of Your Soul Back To It’s Original Place of It’s Purpose and Position of Being a Helpmate to It’s King, The Spirit.

The Many Different Audio Books will also be placed in written form on the Web Site for you to read if you wish.

Also, Each Audio Book will be placed as a Podcast on the Different Platforms and can also be listened to from Agape Love, Love Is Here web site as well.

Spiritual Treasures Are Waiting For You to Find and Discover Them

Pastor Deborah Will Help You, For She Has Been A Spiritual Archeologist For Many Many Years and Still Is.She has been Seeking and Searching out Spiritual Answers to the hidden realm of the spirit and humanity for most of her life, even as a small child.

She has passed the tests, and trials and of her faith and the strength of Agape Love in her spiritual heart and has become a Spiritual Steward of the Spiritual Treasure Chest and It’s Spiritually Hidden Treasures.  She as many others through time, have paid and still does pay a very high price as a Shepherd and Steward of The Hidden Treasures of The Kingdom Of Heaven and Is In Great Spiritual Battles Daily for when The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Spiritual Truths are Spoken and Brought to the world, The Enemy of The message of The Kingdom Of Heaven  comes out of his spiritual hiding places and attacks not only the message of The Kingdom of Heaven, but the messenger  of The Kingdom of Heaven.

This one topic is viciously attacked and the message through any one and anything that Satan has a base of operation out of, the Territory of The Flesh and It’s Lusts of It’s Physical Body and It’s Soul and Is Not of the Family of The Heavenly Father yet but are still plugged into the Matrix of Control by Ignorance and thus are enemies to the Spiritual Truths of The Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Messengers. These, unknown to themselves who are living in ignorance of the Matrix of Control and that they are living in a dream world as Neo Anderson was in the Matrix Trilogy. Neo had to learn that what he thought was real, was only just a computer generated program of beleifs and thoughts to keep the mind of a human ignorant of the the true reality of his life and that they are only controlled for other reasons that benefit something or rather someone they know nothing about.  In the movies, The Matrix, Neo Had to be unplugged to learn that his life as he believed it to be and thought it was real and the truth was only a computer generated program designed by machines/other life forms who need the human’s energy to survive.  

These movies and many others will be used to help you, the listener to spiritually understand one’s own life and the life of others and role of The Spiritual Matrix in one’s life and how a hidden life form, unknown to humanity is controlling the minds, thoughts and even dreams of humanity.

Another great moment in a movie that will help you to understand what the spiritual realm is and how it desires  to  control a mind and does is out of the known awareness of humanity.  The movie is Kingdom of The Crystal Skull with Indiana Jones.

In the movie, when Indiana is hooked up to the Crystal Skull and the German Doctor speaks to Indiana about the possibilities of being able to speak into the minds of anyone and to get them to think about whatever the Mind Controllers desire, changing a person from the inside out into what ever the Controllers wanted. Speaking into the minds of others, controlling armies, nations of people, changing history and humanity never even knowing that this was happening due to the psychic abilities of the Crystal Skull.

Very Good Information to hear for this is the goal of the enemy of The Kingdom of Heaven’s Wonderful Message and It’s Riches and Glory of It’s Treasures.

  The Ancient Dragon Desires To Keep These Treasures Hidden and Out Of Sight From Humanity and therefore keep humanity in Darkness, The Ignorance of a Matrix of Control so they can not become all that The King of Heaven desires for them to become and thus become FREE OF THE MATRIX of Control and realize the Truth of Themselves, Of Others, Of The Heavenly Father, and Most Of All Of Him, The Dragon From Ancient Days of Time.

So, Come and Listen To The Ancient Treasures Of The Kingdom of Heaven, Of Yourself – the real you – the spiritual being in a dirt body, of Others -the real others, of Your Soul and It’s Lusts of The Flesh and The Great Pride It has and then learn about the Ancient Dragon That Controls Through a Matrix of Deception and Ignorance.

Come and Help Yourself To Be Set Free of The Matrix of Control Through Ignorance and Darkness of the Spiritual Realm and The Real You, The Spiritual Being, The Forever Person In a Dirt Body, A Human.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

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