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Global Tele-Ministry of Pastor Deborah


Watch Pastor Deborah As She Introduces The New Tele-Ministry of Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Ministry to Help People The Lord’s Way.


April 7, 2020


On Line Interactive Ministry of Agape Love, Love Is Here is here to meet with you no matter where you are in the world. Pastor Deborah will provide education, personal ministry, teaching in this Global Tele-Ministry through Tele-Education Videos and Encouragement and Hope.  Pastor Deborah will have a Treasure Chest of Education on Many Topics and Speak to you in a more personal way.  You may email her and send in topics to talk about, questions for her to answer, and also she will be sending out Videos of Encouragement and Hope. 

There will be set times for countries to join in and participate and interact in real time with Pastor Deborah, Of Agape Love, Love Is Here.  Monthly meetings will be provided at a set date and time for any one desiring to join will be provided on different topics that will discuss Recovery, Healing, Spiritual Knowledge in Healing and  Hope.  The notification of these meetings will be sent out to Linkedin, Twitter, and on the Web Site.  



  ZOOM Meetings are provided through This Interactive Ministry by the wonderful internet video conferencing program called ZOOM.  All you have to do is download the ZOOM APP from your Playstore or directly from ZOOM’s website.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request ministry through zoom interactive meetings.

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Pastor Deborah will be here to Teach, Answers Questions, Disciple, Fellowship and Pray for all.  Agape Love, Love Is Here is also exploring to expand to be able to have conferences with many participants and video seminars.  Reaching out to the World and it’s wonderful People are Vital these days to Help Humanity. The Unseen Enemies of Humanity have no Boundaries, No Borders and Will Only Be Conquered With Partners And Allies Under the Mighty General of Agape Love as The Land of Darkness is Invaded by Agape Love and Brings It’s Power and Strength of Hope and Freedom to All, no matter the place, the city, the town, the Nation, the Language, The Faith, The Age for all NEED TO BE FREE THROUGH AGAPE LOVE.

Enjoy the new way of hearing and seeing Pastor Deborah as she comes into your life to bring spiritual teachings, outreach and encouragement on many topics and current events.



Pastor Deborah is an experienced Personal Minister on many different mental health topics, spiritual issues, personal help for those who have experienced childhood abuse of any kind, ritual abuse, cult abuse, satanic ritual abuse and have been in the occult and witchcraft, been human trafficking, and with those who do the trafficking, have participated in child pornography from both sides of the issue. She has work with hard core gangs and drug cartels, has provided spiritual parenting to some of the world’s leaders of nations and governments, she also is knowledgeable and experienced in ministering to those who have had near death experiences, other out of body experiences, with those with the severest form of PTSD and Dissociate Identity Disorders.



Pastor Deborah has been providing free personal ministry and support through education, counsel and prayer since 1995.


Pastor Deborah has a wealth of education, spiritual revelations and is an experience spiritual warrior.


Hope you enjoy the Tele – Ministry and It’s Podcasts and grow and learn.

Love Pastor Deborah



Join Pastor Deborah in this INVASION into Humanity and Bring the Light and Voice of Agape Love and It’s Freedom It Brings to Spiritual Hearts and Souls Through It’s Light of Love, It’s Rays of Hope and It’s Strength of Never Surrendering or Never To Retreat from the Battle for Humanity.  Agape Love Brings Hope When It Comes, and It Brings Healing, Restoration and Recovery from the Effects of Darkness/Ignorance and the Storms of Life that have swirled around a spiritual heart and soul for too long.

Come and Join The INVASION by Agape Love into the spiritual hearts and souls of humanity. Join in the Battle, Come and Be Trained and Educated, Then Come and Be Ordained to Go and Invade The Darkness with Agape Love and Set Precious Spiritual Hearts and Souls Free to Love Themselves and To Love Others.

Come and be a solider of Agape Love a FREEDOM FIGHTER for others.  Spiritual Hearts are depending on you to Be Trained, Be Educated, Be Sent, And Then To Come into there Lands Held By The Rulers of Darkness, the Adversaries of Agape Love and Freedom.  Humanity Needs to you come and help them.  They are waiting for you to come and bring the Gifts of Hope and Love with you.



So, Come and Join in the Agape Love, Love Is Here Interactive Ministry and Prepare to go into the Darkness and Set spiritual hearts free of the Fear of Death, of the Unseen Enemies that control and torment them, to set the land free of the INVADERS and then to Help humanity to be restored, healed, re-built and recover from the thoughts and concepts of being held captive by the enemies of Love, Joy and Peace.



Come and Help Bring The Spirit of Agape Love, A Spirit Of Love that is beyond all the senses of the world of nature, science, of the earth and is beyond the Rainbow where Troubles Vanish as Lemon Drops and one’s Heart is Mended By The Presence of Agape Love.

Pastor Deborah

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