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The King’s International Spiritual Care University










Hello, This Is Pastor Deborah

Of Agape Love, Love Is Here International Church and Outreach Ministries and Now, The Pastor, Shepherd and Teacher of THE KING’S INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CARE UNIVERSITY.  

The King’s International Spiritual Care University is an On-line University that is provided freely at no cost.  It is not a University as the world knows Universities.  The King’s International Spiritual Care University is one that will provide Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Education on Spiritual Care and It’s Role in the Market Place of Helping People by bringing A very deep and unseen level of Healing, Restoration, Recovery and Wellness to the unseen part of a human, the Forever Person, The Spirit of a Person that also has been affected by life and it’s storms of abuse, violence, fear, all the illnesses of the mind and emotions.

SPIRITUAL CARE, The Heart of Agape Love That has the Power to Heal The Deeply Broken and Wounded Forever Person and Bring Deliverance, Freedom and Healing to It’s Broken Heart, To the Deep Dreams of The Night, to Re-Light the Candle of Life and Bring Hope and Agape Love.

 SPIRITUAL CARE, The Heart of Agape Love Will Shine It’s Light of Life and Healing Into the Darkness of a Broken and Wounded Heart of The Forever Person and Bring It’s Rays of Healing, Restoration, and Cover The Hidden Heart with Glory and Majesty as the Colors of A Rainbow.




The King’s International Spiritual Care University

Spiritual Education through 3 levels of Knowledge and Revelation, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Teaching and Revealing It’s Spiritual Concepts and Knowledge to Bring Spiritual Healing To The Forever Person, The Spirit Person in the Hidden Unseen Realm of The Spirit.


The King’s International Spiritual Care University

Is Designed to Bring Spiritual Revelations To The Student In Order To Bring Healing To 

The Little Ones Of The Dreams Of The Night

The Little Ones Hiding Deep In The Soul/The Hidden Man of The Heart, The Deep Sub-Coconscious

The Spiritual Captives of Cruel and Evil Task Masters of Abuse, Fear, Torment, Vexation. Torture. Pain, Rejection, Abandonment, Loneliness and Hopelessness


Spiritual Care Ministry

Goes Deep into the Unseen Realm of Dreams, Trances, Sleeps, Comas and The Hidden Spiritual Heart of The Forever Person

Goes Deep Into The Darkness of Locked Cells, Closets, Cages, Cellars, Basements, Shipping Containers and Into The Dark World of The Brothels of The Sex Industry and Into The Created Worlds Of Oz/The Matrix/Never Never Land/Wonderland/Narnia and Helps the Little Heart to Find It’s Way Out and Receive Healing, Truths, Knowledge and Agape Love, Joy, Peace and Acceptance In The Arms Of a Spiritual Shepherd/Mother.

Spiritual Care Ministry

Reaches Out Into the Darkness and Opens The Locked Doors To Healing, Hope and Agape Love

Reaching Out to Spiritually Comfort All That Mourn, Are Broken and Wounded, Covered In Clothes of Shame or With Nothing and Are Naked and sick with diseases and illness of the Realm of The Kingdom of Darkness.

Reaching Out Into The Deep Darkness of The Fear of Death To Spiritually Lite The Little Wick of a Smoking Candle, The Very Spiritual Heart of The Forever Person Itself to Bring The Light Of Agape Love and Life Back To It and To Begin To Bring Light, Warmth, Hope, Love and Safety Back to the Hidden Little One’s Fearful and Dead Spiritual Heart.

Spiritual Care Ministry

Reaching Out Into The Realm of The Hidden Darkness, Bringing Touches of Light and Agape Love To The Deeply Hidden Forever Person


Through It’s Gentle Touch of Agape Love, Healing Comes, Wounds Are Mended, Chains Are Broken Off, Fear of Death is Pushed Back, A Hand Is There To Walk With The Little One 24/7 no matter the age of the physical body.  Yes, Spiritual Care can Travel Deep Into the Darkest Places – The Deep, Deep Caverns of Death and Slavery Itself. There Is No Place Agape Love Cannot Travel To, Into the Dreams of The Blackest Night, Into the Dungeons of Ancient Days, Into the Darkest and Deepest pits of Death Itself. For Nothing Can Stop Agape Love from reaching out to precious Forever Persons living in the Kingdom of Darkness.


Agape Love, The Heart of Spiritual Care

No Distance Is Too Far To Travel, No Darkness Is Too Dark, No Wounds So Bad, No Shame To Heavy, No Doors, No Locks, No Trances of A Heart, No Spiritual Enemies of Agape Love, No Chains and Fetters Too Strong, No Cave Too Deep, No Place and No One Can Stop The Heart and Hands Of Agape Love Reaching A Precious Forever Person and Bringing It’s Spiritual Care Of Love, Joy, Peace and Life to the Hidden Forever Person’s Heart.

Pastor Deborah

The King’s International Spiritual Care University

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