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Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here


This Church Is Here To Help You 

”  So That Christ May Dwell In Your Hearts By Faith;  So That You, Being Rooted And Grounded In His Agape Love, May Be Able To Spiritually Comprehend With Others What Is The Breadth, And Length, And Depth, And Height Of His Agape Love He Has Toward And For You;  And To Spiritually Know The Agape Love Of Christ Jesus, Which Passes All Knowledge Of Your Earthly Mind So That You Might Be Spiritually Filled With All The Spiritual Fullness of God, The Heavenly Father, The Great I Am, The Most High God And King Of All Heaven and On The Earth

Ephesians 3: 17 – 19

Authorized King James Version


Rediscovering The Kingdom Of Heaven And It’s Righteousness To Help People The Lord’s Way

Stepping Out Into The Vast Possibilities of Agape Love And It’s Authority & Dominion


**  Established To Proclaim, Teach and Demonstrate That The Kingdom of Heaven/God And It’s Way Of Helping People Is Here Now, Near Unto To All  **

**  To Spiritually Bring The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love To The Spiritually Least Of King Jesus’s Spiritual Brethren  **

**  To Spiritually Go Behind The Spiritual Enemies Fortresses Of Darkness/Ignorance, It’s Spiritual Walls And Veils Of Defense And Enter Into The World/Kingdom Of The Matrix Of Control And Captivity  **

**  To Spiritually Be A Spiritual Stealth Special Operations Ministry To Set Spiritual Captives Free And Bring Them Into A Kingdom Of Love, Joy, Peace And Healing- The Kingdom Of Heaven  **

**  To Spiritually Assist In Fulfilling The Words Of The Heavenly Father’s Heart, His Desires And His Prophetic Words Of Isaiah 61 & 62 In The Precious Spiritual Lives Of Spiritual Ones He Loves So Deeply  **

**  To Spiritually Be A Vessel/Servant/Ambassador Of The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love And The Kingdom Of Heaven To Spiritually Broken, Wounded, Fractured And Fearful Spiritual Hearts And Minds  **



The Ministries The Church Will Provide

* Spiritual Shepherding *

*  Spiritual Discipleship *

* Personal Ministry For Deliverance, Freedom & Healing *

*  Ministry Leadership Training *

*  Spiritual Education To Rediscovering Of The Fullness Of One’s New Spiritual Identity As A Son Of God *

*  All Ministry Is Free And Is Based On The Following: * 

Matthew 10:  7-8

Authorized King James Version


The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand/Near Unto You/Has Come And Is Here Now

Verse 8   Heal The Sick, Cleanse The Lepers/The Outcasts And Spiritually Raise The Dead, Cast Out Devils/Evil & Unclean Spirits And Pull Down Their Strongholds


Set The Captives Free,



All Are Welcomed At The Table Of Agape Love & Freedom For The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Here Now, Near Unto You

A Place Is Set For All To Come And See, Come And Taste That The Lord He Is Good

So, Step Out of The Darkness And Into The Light Of Agape Love And Be Free,

 And Healed!


The Spiritual Purposes Of The Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here Are To Bring The Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father To All So That They Can Spiritually Partake Of

**  The Spiritual Fruit Of Agape Love  **

**  The Spiritual Kingdom Of Heaven’s Light/Truth  **

**  The Spiritual Garden Of Eden On Earth Now To Taste And See The Glory Of It’s Creator And Come To Know That This Is The Place Of The Pleasure And Delight Of The Heavenly Father, The Place Of Green Pastures And Living Waters.  A Place Where The Blue Birds Fly To And Where All Of Creation Speaks And Lives  **

**  The Spiritual Light Of The Spirit Of Truth And It’s Golden Rays Of Life Eternal **

**  The Spiritual And Eternal Mercy And Goodness Of God, The Heavenly Father  **

**  The Spiritual River Of Life And Peace That Is Ever Flowing Freely**

**  The Agape Love And It’s Royal Majesty, It’s Authority And Dominion  **

**  The Spiritual Deliverance, Freedom And Healing For One’s Spirit, Soul And Physical Body  **

**  The Spiritual Everlasting Joy Of Being In The Family And House Of The Lord God As His Spiritual Child/His Son

(  An Offspring, Not A Male Or Female, But A Heir To All The Riches And Glory Of The Kingdom Of Heaven )

 **  The Spiritual Riches/Identity Of Being A Spiritual King Of The Kingdom Of Heaven With All Of It’s Glory, Authority & Dominion On Earth As It Is In Heaven **

**  All The Spiritual Victories Of Christ Jesus, The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords That Was Won On A Cross And In His Resurrection From The Grave/The Tomb/Death  **

**  The Spiritual Authority & Dominion From Sin, Hell, Death And The Grave  **

**  The Spiritual Victory From The Fear Of Death/The Sting Of Sin/The Slavery Of Darkness-Ignorance **

**  The Eternal And Everlasting Life/Knowledge And Unity With Jehovah, God Almighty, The Heavenly Father, The Creator Of All That Is, The Great I Am, The Most High God  **


Ministry Will Be Done By

In Person At Church on Saturday & Sunday

Individual Ministry Can Be Arranged At Church On Thursday Or Friday Between the Hours of 10:00 am and 1:00pm

On The Phone 24/7

In Chat Room On Website

By Skype By Arranging A Time

Also Through Books From Resources

Through Teaching, Speaking, Training Conferences/Seminars

Through Community Volunteering And Other Opportunities

On Soon Coming Twitter To Bring Words of Encouragement To The Followers

On Soon Coming YouTube Channel – THE HIDDEN KINGDOMS

On Daily Website Blog



All Ministry Is Free And There Are No Fees Charged

The Church Is In The Process of Becoming A LLC ( A Limited Liability Company )

The Church Can Accept Financial Donations, But They Are Not Tax Deductible

The Church & It’s Ministries Apply For No Grants Nor Do They Receive Any Tax Payer Money From The Government

The Church & It’s Ministries Will Use The Financial Donations To 

*  Pay Monthly Booth Rent At Flea Market *

*  Purchase Gifts of Books, Bibles, Bags, Blankets, And Other Items To Be Given Away To Those Who Come To The Flea Market *

*  To Print And Mail Out Books As Requested *

*  Church Will Also Give Donations To Other Ministries That Reach Out To The World *

* No One Will Receive A Salary, All Ministers Are Volunteers *

*  Financial Donations Will Help Support The Financial Responsibilities Of The Church, Publishing, Printing, Fees, Church Maintenance, Travel As Necessary, Web-Site, And Other Items Necessary For The Church And It’s Ministries To Exist And Continue To Provide Free Ministry *   



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