Monday, July 22, 2024

Outreach Churches of Agape Love, Love Is Here Church





Agape Love, Love Is Here Is an International Church with many Fields of Precious People who are spiritually connected to Agape Love, Love Is Here Church. Pastor Deborah is the Spiritual Shepherding watching over these and spiritually guiding them into the green pastures of The Living Words of Spirit and Life.  These wonderful and precious people are from all nations and all cultures.  They are in cities, towns, in the market places, in the bars, in the brothels, in the streets, are apart of gangs and the rich and wealthy.

Each Church setting is different and unique to it’s setting and the Outreach It is doing.  Pastor Deborah shepherds and spiritually provides the Pastoral Leadership to those who are in Leadership and desiring to become a Leader.  Pastor Deborah provides fellowship, discipleship and training for all levels by Zoom and many other methods.

Because Pastor Deborah’s Divine Call is to be an INTERANATIONAL TEACHER of Allies of Agape Love and to Raise Up Spiritual Leadership to lead and guide others.  Please look through the many different Churches from all around the world and if your heart leads you to pray or support any one.  Pray and Do.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

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