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Partners, Allies and Supporters In Helping People



Hello and Welcome,

This is Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here

to provide to you a section that Introduces to you the many Partners and Allies of Agape Love, Love Is Here in the World Wide Ministry of HELPING PEOPLE through Agape Love To Bring Light and Knowledge that brings Deliverance, Freedom, Restoration, Recovery and Healing to the 3 part system of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body, called A Human.

Agape Love Dearly Thanks all The Partners and Allies of Agape Love, Love Is Here for they come from all over the world, from different faiths, from different cultures, from different nations and governments, yet they all HAVE A DEEP LOVE for humanity and are striving to BRING HOPE, PEACE, JOY AND AGAPE LOVE into their lives.

The Partners and Allies come from every part of society


Business and Banking

Community Organizations

Entertainment, and Education

Faith Based Organizations

Hospitals and Hotels

Individuals, Internet Connections and Groups, Investment Companies


Law Enforcement

Military and Mental Health Professionals

Nation Governments

NGO’s of The United Nations

Politics and Publishers

Recording Industry, Rap Music, Real Estate Companies

Science, Sports World, Survivors of Trauma

Television and Radio

 United Nations and Governments

World Nations and Councils

And You!

Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Partners And Allies Are Those Who Have Partnered and Become Allies Together as was seen in World War 2 to defeat a powerful enemy that was embedded and entrenched in lives of many people and nations and could only be defeated by those who came together as Partners and Allies under the Banner and Leadership of Agape Love for humanity. The War for Freedom was hard, and cost the lives of so many who were willing to lay down their own lives for The Love of others to be free from oppression and fear.  Agape Love, Love Is Here is in a World War to fight and defeat the UNSEEN ENEMIES of Agape Love, Peace and Joy in the hearts of humanity.

The Unseen Enemies of Humanity have no boundaries, no borders and have been embedded and ruling and reigning the human heart and it’s 3 part system UNSEEN AND UNDETECTED for generations after generations.

This War of the UNSEEN ENEMIES, yes ENEMIES of Humanity NEED ALL NATIONS and their Governments and organizations, associations, individuals to be PARTNERED AND BECOME AN ALLIES  Of Freedom through Agape Love.  Everyone must be seen as EQUAL PARTNERS and be EDUCATED, TRAINED and THEN SENT into The Battle to Bring Hope and Freedom Through Agape Love and Peace to all Humanity’s Hearts and Lives.

The World of Those who live in the UNSEEN MATRIX of Control, The Lack of Love and Hope need for Others to come and UNPLUG Them from this MATRIX and help them to restoration, recovery and healing.  Partners and Allies must become Strong and United to Fight and to Win and Then to Rebuild the precious hearts of humanity.

Partners and Allies bring the Light of Hope when they come, they Bring Peace as a Shepherd in a field watching over the sheep at night from the lions and tigers and wolves.

Partners and Allies bring A Unknown Peace of Freedom and Quietness that has been unknown for Centuries to a spiritual heart and it’s soul.

Partners and Allies bring Strength and Courage to Fight and Give All They Have for The Love of those Who are Not Yet Free, The Human Family, One’s Neighbors. Many of us have and will Die for Others to Help Their Hearts Believe again in Hope and to come to know Agape Love and It’s Fruit of Love, Joy and Peace that is beyond the earthly senses and lives in the realm of the Spirit.

All Hands are needed in this Unseen War to Set Spiritual Captives Free From Spiritual Enemies that Hide In The Darkness of Shadows from humanity’s awareness and sight and have since Time Began and even now in these days.

Agape Love, Love Is Here is A Front Line Ministry, Yet Also A Highly Trained Special Operations Ministry that goes behind the Spiritual Enemies Lines of The These Powerful Unseen Enemies to Bring Authority and Dominion Of A Power That Can Break The Power of These Unseen Enemies, Agape Love Never Retreats, Never Surrenders, It Goes The Distance and Wins. 

So, Come and Look Over this Section of The World Wide Partners and Allies of Agape Love, Love Is Here.  Please consider becoming a Partner and Allie of Agape Love, Love Is Here in the Battle against the Spiritual UNSEEN enemies of Humanity around the world. Ask yourself, is the Freedom of the Spiritual Heart of Humanity worth getting education, training and joining others in Partnerships and as an Allie to sacrifice one’s own life and comforts to help our neighbors who can not help themselves as was the case in World War 2.

Can you answer the call to fight against the Unseen Enemies of Agape Love and It’s Fruit of Love, Joy and Peace that is to be planted and ruling in the spiriutal heart of a human?  Will you sign up, enlist in the battle to set captives free who can not free themselves?  Will you die for others as many did in World War 2?  Will you go to foreign lands to fight the unseeen enemies?  How much do you love your neighbors you do not know and have never met? Can you join in with others as equals in this war and sit under the authority and dominion of a mighty General, Agape Love Itself?  Can You Get the Job Done NO MATTER WHAT IT COST YOU PERSONALLY?

If you hear the call to COME AND PARTNER, TO BECOME AN ALLIE

Then contact Pastor Deborah at and Join The War For Freedom of Spiritual Hearts to Live In Agape Love, Joy and Peace.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah



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