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The International Prayer Ministry of Partners and Allies


To The International Prayer Ministry of Partners and Allies

Of Agape Love, Love Is Here International Ministry and Church

The following Pictures are to help you focus your heart on many different areas that need to have your Prayers. Allow your heart to be led and for it to speak the Language of The Spirit, Agape Love.  Through Prayer, There Is Nothing Impossible That Can Not Be Done So That The One Who You Are Praying To Is Glorified on Earth as He Is In Heaven.  He Will Hear, He Will Answer and He Will Make Himself Known to all through your prayers of Agape Love for others.  He and the World are depending on you to Pray for them for they are not there yet as you are.

Lift Up your heart and it’s cries of Agape Love to a Loving and All Powerful Father and know He is Sending Forth His Power and Might to bring the answers to your Prayers for others.  May you see the Fruits of Your Labor and Hear The Sounds Of Songs of Rejoicing at the Great Love The Father has for all humanity and He now can move for He has been given permission by you.  For when you pray on behalf of others, You enter into the Holy of Holies and Bring The Sacrifice of Agape Love to the Mercy Seat and Become a Priest Unto God, The Most High.  A Minister of Reconciliation you become on behalf of The King of Heaven and humanity.

He will meet you there, at the Altar of The Mercy Seat for He is Waiting for A Priest to come on behalf of Him and His Kingdom for others.  Bring the heart of Agape Love with you and the faith that He will meet you there and hear your prayers for others.

He Will Shine His Rays of Glory on Your Words For He Moves In The Spirit of Agape Love!


He Will Shine His Light Of His Glory On You and Your Prayers For He Is Near Unto You, He Is At The Mercy Seat, Waiting For You To Come and Pray To Him For Others.


Come To His Mercy Seat, Come As A Priest Unto Him, Come For The Others, But Come, He Is Waiting to Hear From you.

The World Is Needing You To Pray, So Come and Pray



The Babies of The World



The Children of The World



The Young People of The World



The Young Adults of The World



The Adults Of The World


The Seniors Of Life of The World


The Creatures Of Life In The World

The Land And All Of Nature


Those In Need Of Deliverance And Freedom


Those In Need Of Healing Of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body


Those Whose Candle Of Their Spiritual Heart Needs Re-Lighting


Those Who Need To See A Light Of Hope Shinning Out To Them



Those Who Need The Gift Of Agape Love Brought To Them For Their Spiritual Hearts And Soul



Who Need The Rays Of Light To Shine In Their Darkness And Bring Life




Who Need Guidance and Support In Their Lives



For All Humanity Says To You Dear One,

For Their Hearts Can Rejoice and Dance Now

And They Send You A Kiss From Their Hearts


And Now Their Hearts Can Be At Peace as The Soft Glows of Hope and Agape Love Shower Down On Them in Their Spiritual Heart and Soul.


If anyone has a PRAYER REQUEST and wishes the Partners and Allies all around the world to Pray on your behalf, please contact us on the form below and it will be done.


    Love Always And Forever

    Pastor Deborah

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