Saturday, December 09, 2023

Pastor Song, Small Church in Yangon, Myanmar/Burma of Southeast Asia

Here is brief information on me and the church:
I am 34 years old, I am married man and not having child yet. My mom and father passed away many years back. 
Our Church: Our church is small in number. I have only nineteenth adults (19) and five children(10) believers who came from Buddhist background. In 2011, I had planted this church amongst Buddhist communities at outskirt of Yangon, Myanmar. Our church is not affiliated or associated with any organization yet. Our church is self-independence church, born out of passion to save the lost soul for Jesus and to share the pain with orphans to have future .
Our ministry: My main focus is to reach out to those in the Buddhist communities with the love of Jesus Christ.
 Our church motto is: “One Life, One Vision, One purpose is to save the lost soul at any cost.”
Besides church ministry, We are caring four orphans. Needed sponsor for helpless children.
Our needs: Fervently, we are praying for financial help for church ministry and four orphans to run continually so that we can save the lost soul for Calvary’s Sake. It would be great opportunity to reach more of for the unreached and to care for more orphans / helpless children for Calvary’s sake. If any Bible based church or individual can help us to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ please contact me.
I have attached church pictures of us and four orphans. Kindly, do uphold us in prayer.
Pastor Song
Pastor Song may be reached at :  email address : [email protected]
Pastor Deborah provides NO financial aid to any one, but becomes a Voice for those who are in need.  Pastor Deborah, becomes a Spiritual Shepherd and Teacher of The Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven to those of those who are in Partnership with Agape Love, Love Is Here.  Agape Love, Love Is Here Provides exposure of small and very needy Independent Churches that are not supported by many or by any non-denominational or denomination organization.
If in your prayers you would remember these precious ones that Pastor Song is Spiritually Shepherding in Myanmar/Burma and if you are led to support them in any way, please contact Pastor Song directly.  Agape Love, Love Is Here raises no money for them, takes in no money for them but refers all directly to Pastor Song.  His Profile is on LinkedIn and can be contacted on it.
The following as my information:
Name:               Pastor Song
Ministry place: Yangon ( Our ministry is amongst Buddhist community at outskirt of Yangon city.
Country:             Myanmar ( formerly known as Burma)
Phone No:           +959250259056
Email:                     [email protected]
Agape Love, Love Is Here is Spiritually Shepherding and Providing Spiritual Protection and Teaching.
Love Always And Forever
Pastor Deborah
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