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Felicia Clayborn






Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Global Ministry

Is Pleased and Honored To Welcome

As A Global Resource and Partner of a Voice of Hope and Love to Humanity


Felica Clayborn


Felica is a Wonderful Voice of Hope and Love to All through the many areas of work, volunteerism and her faith.

Felica resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended Milwaukee Career College and Babacostal Bill School.


Felica’s Professional Skills Include The Following



Public Speaking

Servant of God



Felica Is Visually Impaired

But That Has Not Stopped Her From Living a Full Life and Always Reaching Out to Help Others Who Are Disabled To Be Able To Travel Through Her Abilities Travel Club That people with Disabilities and for Seniors to ENHANCE INDEPENDENT Living Skills While Traveling


Felica is a very active and productive Professional in many areas of helping people.

Felica’s Many Professional Areas of Helping People Include

1.  Across The Day, Christian Resource Center

President,  October 21, 2019 to Present


2.  Kingdom Hope Connections Radio Show

Founder, Owner, President and Host  – June 14, 2019 to Present


3.  Bridges Timebank

Event Planner – May 15, 2019 to Present


4.  Vision Forward Association

Office Support Volunteer

April 29, 2019  to Present


5.  Abilities Travel Club

Founder, Owner and President

April 20, 2019 to Present


6.  Healing Wings International Ministry

Overseer and Healing Evangelist

July 9,  1997 to Present


Wow, Such a Busy and Professional Person Felica Is Even Today


Felica Clayborn is An Active Voice of Hope and Agape Love on many Social Media Platforms


She Is A Public Speaker


A Community Outreach Minister


A Radio Talk Show Host



A Preacher on Sermon Control



On Facebook




On Linked In at




Welcome Again

Felica Clayborn

as a Strong and Loving Voice of Hope, Agape Love and Faith

to the sea of humanity around the world.










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