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The Doves Of Agape Love, A Foster Parenting Ministry





The Doves Of Agape Love

A Foster Parenting Ministry


Agape Love Ministry Welcomes The DOVES OF AGAPE LOVE, A Foster Parenting Ministry As Partners and Allies in a World War of Helping Children To Be Loved, To Be Educated, To Have A Safe Home and To Know that there are loving people who will step come into their lives at a moment’s notice and offer their homes and love to a children.  As Foster Parents, their hearts are always On The Front Lines in Giving Out Support and Love.

 These wonderful Foster Parents are quietly serving children from behind the scenes of most of the eyes of others and them must remain that way for their Confidentiality and the Children’s.

Hello Every one, Pastor Deborah has asked me to introduce ourselves. I will be brief.

 My personal journey to being a FOSTER PARENT was born out of my own life.  I was placed in an Children’s Orphanage when I was very young about 7 years of age. I was told I was in a hospital.  My father was absent from most of my life and what experiences I did have with him was out not a real good one.  

For most of my childhood I knew the loneliness of having no mother or father in my life and the feelings of NOT BEING LOVED OR CARED ABOUT BY AN ADULT OR EVEN ANY KIND.  From this beginning, many many years ago, my heart was being forged to help other children such as I was.  I knew the deep desires to be loved and cared for that children have and then in my later years of life, the Season came and the Door Was Opened and I stepped into my life long desire TO HELP CHILDREN FEEL LOVED AND WANTED.

My heart of Agape Love guided me and defined my Ministry and It’s Purposes, To Be A FOSTER PARENT and to HELP THE CHILDREN FEEL WANTED AND LOVED. BEING A FOSTER PARENT is not easy for the Children are so NEEDY IN SO MANY AREAS. From food and snacks, to helping with reading and writing, to sitting and loving them with Gentleness and Kindness, We Do.

Being FOSTER PARENTS we are very much involved with the FAMILIES of the children, with the Courts and Lawyers and Judges and Case Workers and Social Workers who are all working to RETURN THE CHILD BACK TO THEIR FAMILY.  Some of our children have not been abused in any way, just that the FAMILY member becomes sick and can not care for the child at that time until they recover and are well again.  Sometimes, a Parent has to be in a hospital for some time and the child needs a SAFE, LOVING HOME WITH A FAMILY to stay until they can return back to their original family.  FOSTER PARENTING is also that, A FAMILY FOR THE CHILD WHEN NO ONE CAN BE. 

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The DOVES OF AGAPE LOVE also are providing WORDS OF ENCOURAGMENT to others who may be FOSTER PARENTS, considering to be FOSTER PARENTS or the PARENT OF ORGIN of a child to help all LOVE AND VALUE A CHILD.

Love To You All,

The Doves of Agape Love 


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