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Prayer and Fasting – Volume 2



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Prayer & Fasting, The Lord’s Way

By The Heavenly Father/Agape Love Himself



Silent Cries, How Long I Have Heard Them.  The Cries Of Broken/Fractured Spiritual Hearts And Their Souls, Generations After Generations.  How Long Have I Seen Their Hands Reaching For Help.  Spiritual Eyes Blinded To My Light/Truth, My Agape Love.  Spiritual Hearts & Souls Living In The Fear Of Death.  Precious Little Ones, Sleeping To Escape The Horror, The Pain, The Loneliness, The Fear.


Silent Cries Of The Least Of My Son’s Spiritual Brethren, My Spiritual Inheritance, My Spiriutal Children.  How Long I Have Heard Their Tearless Silent Cries Of Pain From Abandonment, Rejection & Shame.  How Long Have I Heard Their Spiritual Hearts & Souls Breaking/Being Fractured Into Many Others And Into Many Other Things Out Of The Fear Of Death, Out Of The Torture & Pain, Escaping The Best Way They Knew How, Yet Not Knowing How They Escaped Or The Way, But Escaping The Best They Could.


How Long Have I Heard Their Spiritual Hearts & Souls Silently Screaming In Fear & Pain, Rejection & Loneliness. How Long Have I Heard Their Silent Cries For Agape Love & Peace, But Not Even Knowing What It Was Or Where It Could Be Found.  I Had King David Of Old, Days Long Ago Write Down His Own Cries Out Of His Spirit & Soul For All To Read And To Hear What I Hear, The Cries Of A Heart. King David Wrote For All To Read, His Pain Of His Heart & Soul So Others Would Know That I Hear Them As I Heard King David’s. My Spiritual Ears Are Not Dull Of Hearing Or Deaf To Silent Cries Of Spiritual Hearts & Souls, Of Their Fears and Brokenness. I Can Not Only Hear What The Fear Of Death, Abandoment, Rejection, Pain Sounds Like, But I See How It Breaks One Into Many Pieces, Fractured Into Others, Living As One Yet One Who Is Many.  Darkness And Prison Cells Do Not Stop My Seeing And Hearing The Silent Cries Nor Of Seeing Precious Ones Trapped In The Darkness Of Captivity Through Darkness/Through Ignorance.


For Eyes To See & And For Ears To Hear


King David Cried Too

Psalm 55: 1-8

Authorized King James Version


Verse 1   Give Ear To My Prayer,  O God:  And Hide Not Yourself From My Supplication

Verse 2   Attend Unto Me, And Hear Me:  I Mourn In My Complaint, And Make Noises;

Verse 3  Because Of The Voice Of The Enemy, Because Of The Oppression Of The Wicked;  For They Cast/Throw Iniquity/Evil/Hate/Wickedness/Perveseness Upon Me, And In Wrath/Great Anger They HATE Me.

Verse 4  My Heart Is Sore Pained Within Me:  And The TERRORS OF DEATH Are Fallen Upon Me



Verse 7  Lo, THEN WOULD I WANDER FAR OFF, And REMAIN In The Wilderness.  Selah/Pause

Verse 8  I Would Hasten MY ESCAPE From The Windy Storm And Tempest


Now Hear Agape Love’s Response

Exodus 3 : 7-10

Authorized King James Version

Verse 7  And The Lord God Said,

I HAVE SURELY SEEN The Spiritual AFFLICITON Of My People Which Are In ( Spiritual ) Egypt ( The Spiritual Kingdom of Satan, Of Death, Of Slavery, Of Pain, Of Ignorance, Of Toil, Of Fear, Of Torment )

And Have SPIRIUTALLY HEARD Their CRY By Reason Of Their Spiritual TASKMASTERS;  For I KNOW Their SORROWS;

Verse 8  And I AM COME DOWN TO DELIVER Them Out Of The Hand Of The Spiritual Egyptians/Satan and His Kingdom of Darkness And It’s Strongmen, And to Spiritually Bring Them UP Out Of That Land Unto A Good Land And A Large One, Unto A Land Flowing With Milk ( Agape Love ) And Honey ( Power & Authority/Dominion );  Unto The Place Of The Canaanites, And The Hittites, And The Amorites, And The Perizzites, And The Hivites, And The Jebusites.

Verse 9  Now Therefore, BEHOLD/LOOK/LISTEN/HEAR, The Cry Of The Spiritual Children Of Israel/My Spiritual Inheritance/My Lost Ones To Me Is COME UNTO ME:  And I/The Lord/Agape Love Himself/The Heavenly Father Have Also SEEN The Spiritual Oppression Wherewith The Spiritual Egyptians/Satan and His Demonic Spirits SPIRITUALLY OPPRESS Them.

Verse 10  Come Now Therefore, And I Will Send You Spiritually Moses/Pastor Deborah Now Unto Pharaoh/Satan/The King Of The Kingdom of The Darkness/Spiritual Egypt, So That You May Spiritually Bring Forth My Precious Spiritual People, The Children Of Israel/My New Children I Desire To Create And Raise Up ( My Family Of Kings/Holy Ones, Righteous Ones) Out Of Spiritual Darkness/Egypt The Spiritual Land Of Darkness And Oppression.


So Pastor Deborah Was To Become and Still Is Today, As Moses Was In The Ancient Days Of Long Ago, A Spiritual Moses!  The Heavenly Father Went Looking For True Shepherds/Spiritual Kings Who He Could Train, Raise Up And Then Send To Set His Precious Ones Free Through The Power Of Agape Love And With All The Authority Of The Kingdom of Heaven At Their Beacon Call.  So, The Most High God Went Looking The Earth To Hear If He Heard Deep Cries Of Spiritual Burdens For The Spiritually Least Of Their Spiritual Brethren Who Have Not Been Spiritually Attended To In Spiritual Ways Of Agape Love.  True Spiritual Shepherding/Kingship Requires Much Of The One Who The Lord Sees Is Ready For Tough Training And Battles.  The Deliverer MUST Be Very Dedicated, Disciplined, Highly Trained In Spiritual Warfare And The Spiritual Enemy Of Agape Love And Freedom.  They Must Be Willing To Give Up Everything, Everyone For The Work Of This Ministry.  

The Spiritual Mantle/Robe/Authority & Dominion Of This Spiritual Position In The Kingdom of Heaven Requires Much And Must Be Spiritually Understood Fully.  

To Help You The Reader Understand This Powerful Majestic Position That Moses and Pastor Deborah Have, Read And Listen To The Following Stories And You Will Learn What The Purposes Of The Deliverer Are From The Most High God And To The Precious Spiritual Ones Held In Spiritual Captivity.


Read & Hear, Read & See Agape Love At Work.!










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