Thursday, April 18, 2024

On The Road With Wilber


Wilber And Pastor Deborah

Invite You To Walk With Us


 Travel The World With Us

As We Contact Many Nations And Multitudes Of People

Through Teaching On The Kingdom Of Heaven.

The Videos In This Section Will Be For All Those Out There In The World

Who We Have Met On Line, In The Spirit, Or Personally


Are Ministering To Through Teaching About The Kingdom Of Heaven.

These Videos Will Be Open For All To See

To Listen To


Also Get To Know and Meet Others

Out In The World Who Wilber And I Have Met


Are Spiritually Teaching And Bringing The Kingdom Of Heaven

Into Their Lives,

Their Tribes,

Their Villages,

Their Tents

Their Bible Studies,

Their Home Groups,

Their Hidden Churches,

In Programs

In School

At Work

Late At Night

In The Refugee Camps

In Prisons

In Religious Cults

In The Military

In The Governments 

In The World Councils

To Those Living In The Shadows

Their Daily Lives

As This Good News

Is Taught, Proclaimed, Demonstrated, Manifested

In The Nations And The Governments Around The World.

Each Video Will Be Personally Addressed To Someone

Who Has Contacted Pastor Deborah

And Has Become A Spiritual Seeker Of Truth/Light

That Has Been Spiritually Revealed To Them From This Web Site


Who Are Drawn By Agape Love To This Site,

To The YouTube Channel,

To The Twitter Site,

To The Daily Blogs


Desire To Hear More.

These Videos Will Also Be Used To Send Thank You Notes To Them 

Words Of Encouragement For All To Read

To Help Teach And To Demonstrate The Authority & Power Of The Kingdom Of God From Heaven

On The Earth As It Is Welcomed Into Nations, Into Families, Into The Matrix Of Control

And Even Into The Deep Spiritual Governments Of The Spiritual Kingdom Of Darkness

Wilber And I

Will Be Spiritually Going,

Traveling The Roads


Reaching Out To Seeking Hearts To Bring Spiritual Truth


It’s Power For Deliverance, Freedom And Healing.

Yes, Deliverance and Healing Right Over This Web Site.

  Wilber Is Ready And Has Been Waiting So Very Long To Be Out And About Among Humanity


Bring His Gift Of Agape Love With Him For All.

So, All Are Welcome

To Listen and Meet Others From Around The World

Who Contact Pastor Deborah For Teaching

About The Many Topics That Are Revealed On The Web Site,

The YouTube Videos,

On Twitter,

On The Blogs.

Come And Meet Others Who Are Reaching Out From The Darkness

No Personal Information Will Be Published, No Email Addresses, No Personal Details

Just Personal Questions Many Are Asking And Needing Answers To

Many Will Talk About Their Walk, Their Tests, Their Trials Of Faith, Their Attacks So Others Can Learn From Them As Well

And Who Pastor Deborah And Wilber Had Reached Spiritually And Are Teaching And Ministering To

These Videos Will Also Be Up On Youtube, Sent To Twitter And In The Web Site’s Video Library Under The Section Entitled

On The Road With Wilber!

Come And Travel With Pastor Deborah And Wilber As They Go Around The World To Reach Precious Hands And Spiritual Hearts With Agape Love And The Kingdom Of Heaven.

Pastor Deborah


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