Friday, June 21, 2024

Story Time With Pastor Deborah



Everyone Gather Around!

 For It Is Story Time With Pastor Deborah In The Garden Of Eden


Sit Back, Listen and Enjoy

Love Always & Forever, 

Pastor Deborah

Welcome & Introduction

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Hello, and Welcome To STORY TIME With Pastor Deborah.  

Come And Sit With Me As We Take Journeys Into Lands Of Ancient Days, Travel To Kingdoms Of Long Forgotten Ages, As Legends And Tales Of Love And Sorrow Are Unfolded To Us. As Fairy Tales and Fables Become Real To One’s Spiritual Heart.

Come And Let Our Spirits Travel Through Stories That Will Take Us SOME WHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!

Come And Travel Through Time And Space.


Each Story Will Be Short, Yet Full Of Wonderful Tales Of Love And Sadness, Of Families And Children, Of Kings And Dragons, Of Creatures And Castles, Of War And Victory.

Stories That Help Us To See And Understand The Unseen, And To Hear The Unheard.

Stories Of Heroes and Villains.  Stories Of Faith, Fear And The Impossible.


Come And Sit With Pastor Deborah As She Tells Stories That Will Fill One’s Spiritual Heart With Wonder That Help One To Believe Beyond What One’s Natural Eyes Can See And Our Imaginations Can Image.

Come And Join The Others As We Travel Through Stories That Take Us On Roads We Have Never Traveled Before.  Roads Of Ancient Days, And Roads Into The Future And Roads Of Today. Stories Of Far Away Places

Come And Sit, Come And Listen.


Story Time With Pastor Deborah Will Be A Time When Your Spiritual Heart And Soul Are Listening, Becoming Full Of Hope And Wonder, Thus  Spiritually Allowing The Words Of Spirit And Light To Lite Your Spiritual Candle Of Your Precious Heart.


Come, Listen, You Will Be In The Garden Of Eden.  Wilber And All The Other Living Creatures Of The Garden Of Agape Love Will Be Here With Us.

So, If You Will Look With Your Spiritual Eyes, You Just Might See Wilber And Many Others Sitting Right Next To You.  Maybe Even One Of The Garden’s Eagles, Or Ms Goose Or Even A Great Lion.

Come, The Gate Is Open, The Light Is On And Shinning Out For You To Find Your Way.

Come And Enjoy Story Time With Pastor Deborah.


Pastor Will Be Voice Recording Story Time With Pastor Deborah Frequently And Up Loading Each One For You To Listen To.  As Time Goes By, A Library Of The Stories Will Be Created For You To Listen To.

Each Story With Pastor Deborah Will Be Posted As A Blog Also And Sent To Twitter As A Blog Post For You.


Come, Sit With Wilber And The Creatures Of The Garden Of Eden And Hear Stories And Tales Of Agape Love.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah


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