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The Forever Person, Series of Spiriutal Education





Hello, This Is Pastor Deborah and Welcome To The Spiritual Education Series On

The Forever Person

The Real You!!!


In the beginning with any learning, one must always begin with asking oneself many questions.  To begin, questions are a wonderful place to start to gather knowledge, then the understanding will come slowly and then the wisdom in how the knowledge applies to oneself and to others can be applied.  So, let’s begin this lesson of THE FOREVER PERSON, THE REAL YOU with questions.

  1.  Do you believe that this FOREVER PERSON really exists inside of you and in others?
  2.   Is this a REAL PERSON
  3.   Where Does This PART of me live inside of me?
  4.   What is This PART of me MADE OF?  
  5.   If This PART is Real, Does IT Eat or Sleep?
  6.   If This PART is Real, Does IT Have A Body, Like My Physical Body?
  7.   If This PART is Real, Can IT Talk, See, Hear?
  8.   What Does IT Do All Day?
  9.   Does IT Go To School?
  10.   Where Did IT Come From?
  11.   Does IT Work or Play? 
  12.   Does IT Have A Face Like Me, Does It LOOK Like Me?
  13.   What Can IT Do?
  14.   Does IT Have A Family or Any Friends?
  15.   Can It Read, Sing?

These are wonderful questions to ask.  So, This Series will begin to answer these and many more questions and will also present many more questions to ponder about.  

So, everyone gather around, sit and put on your listening ears and get your notebooks out and pen and pencils. Yes, Little One, You have a question?

What are those Creatures over there?  Oh, Those?  They are the Living Creatures of The Living Garden of Agape Love.  Are they going to hurt us? No. Little One, They Are Not.  They are Creatures of Agape Love, for we ARE in the Garden of Agape Love, Their Home Land.  For These Lessons are ones of SPIRIT AND LIFE and FROM AGAPE LOVE.  They are being Spiritually Taught in Their Realm of The Spirit, The Realm of Light, The Realm of The Garden.

You mean we are not on the earth?  No, Sweetie, we are on the earth, but we are in a different realm/world here on the earth for this lesson.  We are in The Realm of The Spirit, The Realm of The Garden, The Realm of Agape Love, The Realm of The Living Creatures.

For this Knowledge, this lesson is being taught to the Spiritual part of you – The Forever Person, the deeply hidden part of yourself that lives and resides in this realm and only Words of this Realm – Words of Spirit and Of Light can be spiritually Heard by THE FOREVER PERSON.

Little Ones, In This Realm of The FOREVER PERSON, This Garden with the Living Creatures which have also come to listen to these spiritual lessons on THE FOREVER PERSON, Are learning too. For they too live beyond time and earthly death.

Ok, Pastor – I feel better, good.

Everybody ready now?  Great, Let’s Begin.

First I want to teach about this UNSEEN REALM of THE FOREVER PERSON – The Realm of BEYOND TIME, The Realm of Spirit and Life and It’s Light.

This Realm That Is Beyond Time, and was created even before the earthly Realm was.  The realm of the earth as it has been discovered through it’s long history of Time and humanity believes that this is all there is -This is Real .Scientists have proven so much that of what they consider of the Natural/Earthly World, still they are discovering more and more each day.

Yet, with all that knowledge of the earth, the scientists are still trying to understand the Realm of The Psychic Realm.

The Word PSYCHIC is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as 

  1.  Of or relating to the psyche
  2.  Lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge, the immaterial, more or spiritual in origin or force
  3.  Sensitive to non-physical or supernatural forces and influences 
  4.  Marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception or understandig
  5.  A person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces,
  6.  A medium
  7.  Psychic phenomena

Scientist who are interested in these events, conduct research experiments with people to see if one has these and how they seem to work.  Some of the research tests include having a person identify an object that is hidden from the sight of the one being tested.  These tests are testing THE PSYCHIC ABILITIES of sight in people.

Did you know that all Governments around the world have conducted scientific experiments to understand and learn about The Realm of The Psychic, The Realm of something called – ASTRO-TRAVEL?

Back during the height of The Viet Nam War, The US Government discovered and conducted research with many military solders who seemed to have PSYCHIC ABILITIES OF ASTRO-TRAVEL.  Astro-Travel is defined as the ability of one’s spiritual part of them/their Astro them and it’s ability to leave one’s physical body and travel outside of the body and go places.

The US Government conducted research with these individuals.  This PHYSIC Ability to have one’s spiritual body travel outside of his body seems to be normal for some people.  Pastor Deborah read a Book that opened up this Government Research and The ASTRO-TRAVEL of US solders.  The Book is entitled,  THE PSYCHIC WARRIOR

by David Morehouse,  A True Story of America’s Foremost Psychic Spy and the Cover-Up of the CIA’s Top-Secret Stargate Program.  ” Your Life Will Never Be The Same.”  Thus came the first chilling words to Captain David Morehouse as he sat facing the program director of Stargate, the U.S. government’s top-secret, psychic espionage program.

” What we do here is train selected personnel to transcend time and space, to view person, places, or things REMOTE in time and space… and to gather intelligence information on the same.  We want you to be come one of us.”  The young army officer’s heart nearly stopped.  From the Psychic Warrior.  St. Martin’s Paperbacks.  1996.

David Morehouse, a highly decorated, exemplary Army officer, special operations infantryman, and elite Airborne Ranger Company Commander.  Wounded by machine-gun fire during a training mission, Morehouse began to have inexplicable visions and haunting nightmares – an experience that would redirect his military career and land him in the government’s top-secret Stargate Program.  His life would never be the same…

STARGATE – For nearly two decades, the United States military intelligence community delved into the DARK WORLD OF PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE, recruiting a team of psychic spies to serve as “remote viewers”, individuals who used their paranormal gifts to transcend time and space and uncover the highly guarded military secrets of other nations.

Unable to tell the shocking Truth for Fear of Death – until now.

When David Morehouse walked through the doors of the Stargate Program, he had little idea what awaited him:  a paranormal hell that would bring him to the front lines of some of the most horrific disasters in recent history – and nearly destroy him.  In chilling detail, Morehouse describes his psychic espionage work as a REMOTE VIEWER, from the shattering explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 to the choking smoke of Desert Storm, even further back in time to Hiroshima and the darkest days of Nazi Germany.  And more startling yet is his account of the US government, an organization bent on the destructive use of psychic powers – and on stopping the one man who was brave enough to blow the lid off their top-secret Stargate Program.

From this book I learned so much.  I learned that governments did believe in these OTHER REALMS of ABILIITES.  These PSYCHIC ABILIITES included what this book was about, PSYCHIC REMOTE VIEWING.  In this “special military program”, these individuals would go into a room and ” go into PSYCHIC TRANCES/STATE OF MIND and their SPIRIT would leave their body and travel through space and through time to look and observe over the Land, Cities, Nations and the enemy of The US hideouts and headquarters.  Then the SPIRIT would return to the physical body and report the information to their military supervisor.

This book opened up my young spiritual awareness many years ago, but It told me that THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT WAS A REAL REALM AND THE SPIRIT WAS REAL.

At this time in my Spiritual Learning, this seemed so unreal, yet the story I knew was true.

Another story that helped me early in my spiritual understanding of THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT was about the US Government still trying to UNDERSTAND these PSYCHIC ABILITIES of a human. This story came from a movie on YouTube about one man believing that through taking LSD, the hallucinogenic drug, a human’s mind could be opened up to the PSYCHIC Realm and develop some kind of PSYCHIC connection to something of Power.  Then the US military solder could use this PSYCHIC POWER TO STARE AT GOATS AND KILL THEM.  If this proved successful, then the military would provide LSD to it’s solder’s who seemed to already have a PSYCHIC sensitivity and then they could learn how to use this PSYCHIC POWER in warfare against the enemy of the United States.

This PSYCHIC connection was to provide a CONNECTION TO A POWER that if one STARED at something, like a goat/an enemy solder with thoughts to kill it, the Power of The Thoughts through the PSYCHIC POWER, then thus PYSCHIC abilities could be used if true and reliable as a weapon to kill.

The title of the movie was THE MEN WHO STARED AT GOATS!!  

There are many stories of how all governments have and probably still are – trying to understand these PSYCHIC abilities as weapons for war. Yet, 99.99% of the rest of us, knew nothing about these PSYCHIC EXPERIMENTS!!!

Also, many police units will ask for the help of a PSYCHIC with PARANORMAL abilities to help them find bodies, locate messing children, and to help gather information.  The Police do not seem to have any problem using these PSYCHIC/PARANORMAL abilities and do not think that the person is MENTALLY ILL in any way.  But instead have EXTRA-TERRISTRAL PARANORMAL abilities of these PSYCHICS.

How many of you knew this information?

Another wonderful story that helped me to get a deeper insight into and a clearer understanding of THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT, The Unseen Realm where one’s TRUE SELF IS. The Story which was made into a movie that can be seen on YouTube is OUT ON A LIMB, the story of Shirley McClain learning how to SPIRIUTALLY LEAVE HER PHYSICAL body and TRAVEL THE REALMS OF THE ASTRO/THE SPIRITUAL Realm by learning how to stare at a candle’s flame and mediate and thus to open up a spiritual connection to the REALM OF THE SPRIIT/THE ASTRO REALM to travel.

This movie can be seen on Youtube and was printed in a book.  OUT ON A LIMB by Shirley McClain.  In the movie, you will see Shirley’s search and seeking for something she was not sure she really believed in, but a teacher strongly encouraged her to try.  So, she did and she lit a candle, looked into the flames and mediated and up her spirit rose. The spirit was attached by a thin silver cord to the physical body and Shirley’s spiritual body ( the real Shirley – The Forever Person ) rose up out of her physical body and out through the ceiling of the house she was staying in and off out into the vast realm of The Spirit Realm.  The story revealed much about this Unseen Realm and how when one was actively in it, the FOREVER PERSON, The Spirit could see the earthly world and the spiritual realm as well.  Great story to watch and learn by.

In this same way, having a spiritual connection to the Realm of the FOREVER PERSON The Spiritual Realm many use this connection in many ways such as

                      Reading Tarot Cards To Provide Guidance and Help

Palm Reading, A Way of This Spiritual Connection to Help People

A Shaman, A Spiritual Leader To Help People

A Voodoo Priest, Who Contacts The Spirits To Guide People

Mohammad Who Spoke With An Ancient Guide To Bring Forth The Koran And To Help People In Life

Joseph Smith who had a Powerful Visitation from an Angel and Brought Forth Golden Tablets

Witches who do only Good Magic and The Goddess’s of Ancient Days

A Psychic who speaks to Ancestors

A Psychic who can See and Talk to The Dead

High Priests who Are Called To Bless or Curse Others and Animals

Spiritual Teachers and Pastors

Yet, the average person is unaware of these SPIRIUTAL CONNECTIONS and how they are done or why they happen or what is the connection.  Is this the earthly biological mind/brain or the spirit of a person?  When one studies humanity’s great ancestors from the thousands, if not millions of ages past, one finds a long history of belief in the 

Spiritual Realm

Spiritual Connections To Others

To those in it, The Spiritual Connection of This Realm of The Unseen  were CONSIDERED NORMAL, vital and required to have if one was to RULE AND REIGN a nation and it’s people and resources or to be A HIGH PRIEST of a SYSTEM OF RELIGON/BELIEFS. Humanity’s ancient ancestors believed IN GODS AND GODDESSES, AND THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT, THE REALM OF THE PSYCHIC, THE REALM OF THE FOREVER PERSON,  They also believed that a RULER was a King and a Shepherd of a nation, of it’s people, of it’s resources and was to protect and shepherd all from the guidance of the HIGHER POWERS OF THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT.

Humanity’s ancient ancestors knew that The Spiritual Realm had a CENTRAL PLACE in the governing of the earth and it’s resources and humanity needed Those With A Love For Humanity to be involved in the lives of those on the earth to provide protection from the Chaos of Nature that could and did come.  Humanity’s ancient ancestors believed in the spiritual realm and it’s beings in it.  Ancient humanity knew that to worship them, honor them, respect them, bring sacrifices to them would bring their protection from enemies, from death, sicknesses and from the disasters of nature.  Humanity’s ancient ancestors truly believed in Higher Powers and having a Connection to them was important and necessary.  Even though humanity’s ancient ancestors did not have the fullness of understanding and knowledge of these spiritual connections and the beings in this realm.  In the ancient times, humanity’s people believed that these beings of this unseen realm were a mixture of human and animals.

Humanity’s Ancient ancestors believed in the spiritual After Life and Also Resurrection of each human.  The Judgement of one’s heart was to happen to determine the eternal place of the spiritual being and it’s blessings or curses.  This realm was 100% apart of the daily life and beliefs of ancient humanity.  Every nation, every culture had these ancient beliefs and had faith in the help and assistance of these beings and their spiritual connection to humanity.

Pastor, Yes, Little One.

Where did they get their beliefs from?

What do you think, Little One?

Do you think somebody told them?

Or was this Just apart of Life?

Who do you think our ancient ancestors came to believe in these beliefs?

How were these beliefs passed on to the next generation?

Stories, Pastor, Yes, Stories!

But would just a story be enough or would one need something more?

Like What Pastor?

Some Kind of Proof that this was true.

Like What?  Communication?  Visits?  Visions? Open Visions seen with one’s earthly eyes?

Things hope for, coming true?  Weather Changed?  Enemies Defeated?  Healing Happening?  Evil Spiritual Beings Cast Out?

Would these kind of things have helped humanity’s ancient ancestors to believe in this Unseen Realm of The Spirit and it’s Role in Humanity’s Daily Life, In the Ruling of A Nation and Protection from all enemies?


Has anyone every thought of about this?  No, Pastor.  We didn’t even know that we are REAL OR EVEN EXISTED until you started telling us that we are REAL, A FOREVER PERSON of the Realm without TIME.

Pastor, yes Little One,

Can we stop for today, we have so much to think about and ponder over.

yes, Little One,

This is a good place to stop this teaching.  Your homework is to go and watch the movies and read the book.  Learn and begin to understand things you may have not thought about or have much knowledge about.  Contact me if you have any questions.


Yes, Little One

What are you going to teach on next?



Little Ones, Class is Dismissed.

Pastor Deborah, Your Spiritual Teacher








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