Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Kingdom Of Agape Love & Light



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There Is No Spiritual Distance

Too Great For The Kingdom of Agape Love


It’s Light To Travel

It Has Traveled Through Space and Time, From Far, Far Away, To Reach Out To All

It Has Brought It’s Riches And Glory Of It’s Land And It’s King With It

It Is Desiring That All Receive It And All Of It’s Wonderful Gifts It Brings To Spiritually Hidden Ones That Are The Love Of A Father

Agape Love And It’s Light

Are The Father’s Gifts

From His Heart To All Hearts

For He Desires That All Welcome His Gift Of Agape Love And It’s Light

For Agape Love’s Light Brings New Life To Hearts That Have Only Known Darkness And Fear of Death

Reach Out As Far As You Can,

Believe And Reach 


He Will Reach Out The Rest Of The Way For Your Hand In The Darkness

For He Is Not Far, Far Away

He Is Here, Near Unto You, Even Now!


Pastor Deborah

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