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Hello and Welcome,

This is Pastor Deborah and this is the Featured Article Section of Agape Love, Love Is Here.

We are so very glad you have stopped by today.  We here at Agape Love, Love Is Here believe that your spiriutal heart and it’s soul will be renewed in ancient concepts and begin to ponder the great need to include spiritual care into one’s healing, restoration and recovery.

The Articles in this section have been written and are available for publishing in a variety of sources on -line, in newsletters, For Podcasts, For YouTube as a Video and can be sent to magazines.

The Articles will be available for printing from the web site as free gifts to anyone. They will also be written to be included as an Audio Book for worldwide distribution.

Articles on inclusion of Spiritual Care and It’ area of helping people has been on the side lines of mainstream treatment phliosophys  and hardly recognized by the scientific community as a recognized profession for diagnosis, treatment or restoration and recovery for any kind of disease or illness.  Spiritual Care has been put in a small place in helping people as a support system, but not a posssilbe viable profession of helping people.

Spiritual Care by Faith Based professionals and ministries have been on the far far side lines of helping people for many different reasons.  One reason is the lack of knowledge of the faith based ministers on mental health topics, substance abuse illness, child trauma and abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual addictions or any other addictions. There is such a lack of knowledge within the Faith based community and it’s leaders that they can not be a profession member of a healing treatment team that helps people recover and be restored from the issues of life.

The Faith Based community and it’s ministers lack training and education in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, trauma and it’s effects on a life, crisis events, and even after care of support for both the individual and their family.  As a Pastor out in the community, I usually am the only Pastor at the trainings, apart of community coalitions, going into the Acute Crisis Units of mental health centers, volunteering with the local association in many areas of helping people, working side by side with Law Enforcement Officers, EMS people, Fire Departments, Mental Health Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurses, Emergency Rooms and other areas of Helping Professions. And Because The Faith Based community is not properly trained and educated as a Valid Professional that Can Work side by side with the other educated and trained professionals of the community that seek to help solve the problems of the community and the people that live and visit they are included nor respected.

These articles of Agape Love. Love Is Here are to help the anyone to have a deeper and more professional education and training of the IDEA OF THE CONCEPT OF SPIRIUTAL CARE AS A INTERGRAL PROFESSION to be included in the Team of Helping Professions that are involved in the lives of humanity in trying to help them find answers to life situations, to educate about how to include the Faith Based Concepts that a human is a 3 part being – a Spirit, A Soul and A physical body!

It is hoped that through these many articles, all that read them will see the concept that with good education and training, all professions will be able to see the value of Spiritual Care in the fields of helping people such as in the areas of


Providing Treatment Plans

Seen As An Equal Profession To Be Included In The Team Of Professionals

Healing, Restoration and Recovery

Training and Eduction To All Professionals On The Role Of Sprituatl Care In Helping People

A Team Member of The Professions Of Helping and Included in All Aspects of Treatment, Healing, and Recovery and Restoration

Of Crime Prevention, Education and Corrections

Government Systems Around The World As An Equal Voice and Partner

These Featured Articles will be written to help all understand the concept of the role of Spiritual Care in helping people in every area of their lives and as an equal partner to all of the helping professions. Even to provide the support and healing to the First Responders and other Professionals on the front lines of this battle for healing, recovery and restoration. All are affected by these issues and need a well trained and educated spiritual care minister to be there for all.

Humanity needs to have all of us working together as equal professionals to help solve the problems of humanity and to bring education, training and support to each other as we all work to bring healing, restoration and recovery to humanity in all nations, of all cultures, of every age, and where no culture or religion or government systems prevents those who have been called by a Divine Call to step into the problems of life and reach out with a helping hand and a loving heart to reach those who are living in the storms of life and need for all to be lights of hope and safety. Everyone needs Spiritual Care involved in helping.

These articles will be written to help bring the concept that Spiritual Care belongs in the mainstream concept of helping people with the mental health issues and substance issues and all the areas of life in which trauma from childhood, and professions serving the public, from war and battles and all and any issues that the professions of helping people are currently the only voice and concept that is mainstream.

Humanity needs all hands on deck to be working together against these elusive enemies of humans and to be working side by side in harmony and in unity.  The illnesses and diseases of humanity cross all nations, do not discriminate against any gender, effects all ages, in every religion, every culture in every language and these enemies are ruthless and seem to be attacking and not being overcome by the goodness and the love of others.

Illness and Disease needs everyone working together and being the best educated and trained they can be.

Humanity seems to be in a WORLD WAR of a magnitude that has never been seen or fought before. 

Lives are overcome, destroyed, taken before they should be, bondage to medicines and yet, very little victories.

What kind of enemy is humanity fighting?

What are the goals of the enemy against humanity?

Can humanity even recognize that there is an enemy that is out to kill them, enslave them to fear and death?

Can There be an world wide group of diverse nations of people and helping professions as in World War 2 to combat these enemies of humanity? 

What battle plans does humanity have to win against these enemies?

Can we study World War 2 to help us now?

What are the goals of victory for both sides?

Does humanity have any models to look at in this war against an enemy of such this magnitude?

These articles are to help everyone begin to think about these concepts and to begin a journey of re-discovery of the ancient concepts, ideas, thoughts, philosophies, beliefs of spiritual care and it’s role in diagnosis, treatment, restoration and recovery of a human, who is a 3 part being of



Physical Body

And that all 3 parts need to be provided the best professional diagnosis, treatment, restoration, recovery and healing and support possible.

So, each Featured Article will address at different levels what humanity’s ancient ancestors believed

That Humanity Was Connected To A Higher Power/A God 

That This Higher Power/God Was The God/Source of All Creation, Including Humanity

That This Ancient Belief of A God was truly worthy of humanity’s respect, recognition, honor, worship, praise and that this God wanted to be apart of humanity’s life and help them with their struggles and fight against all of it’s enemies – seen and unseen

That there was an AFTERLIFE to be prepared for during one’s earthly life and one’s earthly life would be weighed against the God of the Afterlife’s heart.

That Shepherds of the nations of humanity were spiritually connected to the God of Creation as His Representative on earth, A God on earth. A King who must rule with the God of Creation’s Wisdom and Agape Love for all. This Spiritual Rulership of the people/the nations was a Divine Person who would have to answer to this God and have to fight the demons in the underworld to secure the peace for the nation and the people They were to protect.

That there were evil ones that fought against the goodness of humanity to hurt them for This God loved them.

That each human’s heart would be judged and weighed in the afterlife for placement in Eternity of light or darkness for doing bad in one’s earthly life.

Humanity was spiritually aware of the importance of having a relationship with The Source of All Creation/Life, This God who seemed to care deeply about His Creation, called humanity and how He desired to help humanity with their lives and their struggles in life.


So, come and read the articles, come and listen and watch the audios and videos and re-discover long forgotten concepts lost to humanity about the importance of a Higher Power being involved in helping humanity fight this battle, this war against sickness, disease and illnesses.

Come and travel an ancient road back to ancient times of long forgotten beliefs about Spiritual Care and The Need to Have A Higher Power Who The Ancient civilizations believed in to help them in the earthly world and in their lives. Through humanity’s history, and in every culture there has been a powerful concept/idea/belief that there was a HIGHER POWER HIGH ABOVE HUMANITY and that It Had a role and a place in all the affairs of humanity.

It is hoped you read and learn, see and believe and come to include A Higher Power and it’s Spiritual Care into your life and to help you fight the enemy of health, wellness, and their fruits of love, joy and peace.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah















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