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Spiritual Care, The Hidden Realm of Restoration and Recovery

By Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here

May 2019

This Article is to present a concept that is ancient and long forgotten.  Hidden from our consciousness and alien to our earthly biological mind.  Spiritual Care for the Spirit. That part of a human that lives in a realm that is unknown to one’s conscious mind, but is known to the hidden man of the heart of the soul.  So, come and read and learn about the Hidden Realm where spiritual care ministers in restoration and recovery to a long forgotten being, the spirit of a human.

The Spirit of a person lives in the hidden realm of the spirit. This is the one that is discovered when someone has an near death experience, that everyone hopes makes it to a better place upon death and is an vital part of the occult world. In the world of child abuse, this part is also abused and has experiences that it does not know why or how it does and yet who would even believe what happened if the child talked about the spiritual experience.  Child abuse effects this deeply hidden part of oneself for it is usually one with the soul and physical body at the time of the abuse and is severely abused, broken, wounded, frightened and becomes sick/ill with spiritual dis-ease and vexation as well.

Every level of abuse that happens to the physical body and the soul happens to the spirit and it’s heart, mind and body. Yes, a spirit has a body. They actually take on the look of it’s physical body it lives in except it’s light that it lives in is darkness, shadows and mist.  Usually the spirit is blind, deaf, can not speak, lame, the brain is underdeveloped and it’s feelings are only in the range of the fear of death, vexation, distress, hopelessness, and believes that this life is forever. A great example of this life can be understood in the Movies called The Matrix with Neo Anderson and Helen Keller.

Yes, Neo. Remember Neo lived in a system he knew nothing about, connected at every point of his body, yet beleiving that this was the real world. Another example of this world for the spirit is the story of Helen Keller. A heart and mind locked in deafness, blindness and dumbness due to a fever in early childhood. Helen was locked up in darkness and blind and deaf, yet one person – a teacher believed she was there and was determined to open the locked doors to her dark world and bring healing, restoration, recovery and the spark of life back to the spirit of Helen.

In Neo’s case, Morpheus ( the God of Dreams ) began visiting Neo in Neo’s world of His Dreams. Neo was seeking something, a question was driving him, What was the Matrix?  Morpheus was going to help him by unplugging him from something he knew nothing about and then help him be reborn again and restored to a life he knew nothing about.  Truth was coming, but the Truth would make Neo sick. But he had to have the Truth to help him to begin to believe what he had no knowledge of .

Deep ministry to the spirit is like Neo and Helen’s stories. Their stories give us a peak into the hidden realm of the spirit and it’s realm it lives in and the condition it is in. When one does not have the reality of this part of oneself or of others one is not able to bring the spiritual healing, restoration and recovery to the spirit and it’s components.  Healing will remain in the other two areas of a human, the physical biological body and the soul with it’s 2 parts, the conscious and the deep sub-conscious mind/the hidden man of the heart as it is called.

It is vital that a minister have the spiritual knowledge of this spiritual part of a human and that they are able to teach this spiritual care component that is available to the spirit to the one that needs healing, restoration and recovery in this area which is still suffering from the abuse of a childhood, even though the physical body is now an adult, and the soul which has been fragmented into many others to survive ( Dissociative Identity Disorder as called by the Mental Health Community ) and has compartmentalized the emotions and memories off in locked areas.

Being taught this concept of spiritual care of the spiritual part of a human is rare and almost non-existent. But when one is taught about this, the spirit can begin to believe in it’s healing, restoration and recovery.  Many things need to spiritually happen to help the little spirit recover and be restored to a healthy place in the realm it lives in.

This article is to introduce this concept of Spiritual Care for the one’s spirit just as one would seek healing, restoration and recovery for the other areas of oneself.  When one begins to think about this concept that there is a spiritual healing, restoration and recovery available for and needed for the spirit, one is beginning to learn that one is more than one believes they are and that there is another realm of one’s life to believe in and to seek ministry to bring healing, restoration and recovery to that deeply hidden, unseen part of oneself.

To help you begin to explore this concept ask yourself a few questions. Do I believe I am more than what I believe I am?  Is there really a hidden part of myself that also has been abused and needs to a deep spiritual healing, restoration and recovery?  What do others think about this concept?   To help one begin to ponder this concept go and read the latest Blog post Of NAASCA, In Together We Can Heal from me entitled, Spiritual Care The Concepts of Restoration and Recovery.  Then another article that can help bring more understanding is the Latest Podcast on Pastor Deborah which can be listened to from the web site on any one of the Podcast stations. The Podcast is about the Separation of The Spirit from The Soul, entitled – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

This Article is written to help you begin to bring awareness of terms and their concepts to ponder on and to think about and to discuss.  First, what is the concept/idea/thoughts of what is health to a spirit?  What does it mean for the spirit to be sound/whole?  What damage/injury do you think happened to the spirit that was also abused during childhood and still needs healing?  Did trauma happen to the spirit as it did to the soul?  What are the functions and operations of the spirit that may have been abused, damaged and may not be working properly?

How could the spirit be abused?  What happened to the spirit during the abuse?  What spiritual condition is it in now?  How does the spirit function in the human body and how does it relate to the other parts, the soul and the physical body?  Are there any differences between the spirit and the soul? If so, what are they?

These articles and Blogs on NAASCA are written to help you to begin conversations about and to ponder the many questions.  Believing that one is a 3 part being and that all 3 parts, spirit, soul and physical body have been abused and need healing, restoration and recovery is a very good place to be in. It is always the first step to healing, restoration and recovery – Believing.

This article is also begin to introduce to you an new concept/idea that to properly heal the spirit it must be spiritually separated from the soul through a spiritual circumcision, a cutting away of the outer skin that keeps the 2 as 1. When this event occurs, the spirit can be ministered to more easily for it is free of the powerful soul and it’s wounds from abuse.  This can be learned more about in the Podcast of Pastor Deborah Entitled, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

It is hoped that this article begins to bring light into areas of ignorance about one’s spirit and the spiritual abuse that happened to it that caused damage and  it being unable to function properly as it is suppose to in the unseen realm of the spirit and how it’s relationship to it’s parts the soul and physical body are now.  In the following articles, you will be learning the many different spiritual ministries that are needed and should be applied to the spirit to bring it back to soundness, back to health and wholeness, back to it’s restored nature and recovery from the effects , vexation and torment from the abuse it sustained in childhood and that has continued even now in one’s adult life.

It is desired that you will begin to believe that each area, spirit, soul and the physical body has been abused and needs healing, wholeness, restoration, and recovery. I want to leave you the reader with words of encouragement that there is hope for the spirit to be made whole again, healed and restored to proper spiritual function and that it can find the Agape Love it needs for it’s healing, the peace that comes with the Agape Love and the Joy of knowing that it’s silent cries of pain and fear have been heard and that Hope has come to it and brought all it needs to be healed and whole again.  Please listen to some words, silent cries out of the realm of the spirit and the Words that they heard coming from a Heart of Agape Love.

Do You See Them?  Do You Hear Them?

Inspired By The Heavenly Father Himself To Pastor Deborah


Do you hear their silent cries?

Do you see their hands in the darkness?

Do You?

Do you hear their heart cries?

Do you see the multitudes of hands?

Do You?

Do you hear their silent cries?

Do you see their hands in the darkness?

Do You?


Those precious ones who The Heavenly Father loves and died Himself for!

Do you hear them crying?

Do you see them reaching for a hand of love?

Do You?

They are there in the dark

They have been waiting so very long

Waiting so very long!

Do you hear the brokenness of their hearts?

Do you see their hands chained?

Do You?

Would you find room in your heart for them?

Would you love them as He does?

Would you reach out to them as He did?

Would you speak the words of Agape Love, mercy and compassion as He did?

Would You?

Would you walk with them as He will?

Forever and ever No Matter What?

Would You?

Would you be spiritual fathers and mothers to them?

Would you provide a safe spiritual place for them of freedom?

He Did

He Still Does

He Always Will

He Loves Them

He Spiritually Bought Their Freedom With His Own Life

Could He bring them to you?

Could He Trust Them To You As His Spiritual Shepherd?

Could you do as He did?

Could you give your life for them?

Could you?

Could He trust you with such broken and wound spiritual hearts?

Could He trust you with them for they are very precious to Him?

Could He count on you to walk with them right into eternity?

Could He?

Could they see Him through and in you?

Could they find Him because of you?

Could they know the Father’s Agape Love through you?

Could They?

Could you grab their hands in the darkness?

Do you hear their silent cries for help?

Do you?

He could?

He did!

He Still Does!

And Now He Has Sent Us.

You Have Been Found

Inspired By The Heavenly Father Himself and Given To Pastor Deborah


To Someone Who Has Been Crying Silently In The Dark

You spiritually felt the draw of Something you knew not,

You spiritually listened to spiritual words that you could not understand

You spiritually fought and fought against the spiritual pull

Yet, you were spiritually drawn by Something & Someone you spiritually knew not

You spiritually kept listening, watching, thinking

And then you spiritually knew

You spiritually needed what It was that was drawing you

Calling you, speaking to you in the darkness

Then, you


And reached for It and It found you!

Now, you spiritually know that

You Have Been Found In The Darkness

You have been spiritually heard

The Other spiritual hand is so big, so strong, so warm, so soft

And It has a Voice of a Mother/A Shepherd

Your spiritual heart feels safe now

You Feel as a child again safely cuddled in safe arms of love

You feel the spiritual touch of Agape Love without pain or fear

You feel a spiritual touch of Him who says He loves you just as you are

You like the spiritual touch of His Hands and the Words of a Mother’s Love

You spiritually need the Hands to Hold you and the Words to Love you

Yes Sweetie, you have been found     Yes, you have been found!

Yes Sweetie you have been found!  Yes, you have been found!

Love To You, Your Heavenly Father and Spiritual Mother

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Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah

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