Friday, May 24, 2024

Pastor Deborah’s Public Speaking Videos








Hello, Pastor Deborah here of Agape Love, Love Is Here

and welcome to the section of Pastor Deborah’s many wonderful opportunties to speak, present, teach, reaching out into areas that have been considered unreachable to others in the global sea of humanity.

Enjoy the many different videos of Pastor Deborah speaking and teaching, doing tele-ministry, and being a global keynote speaker and a conference presenter and seminar teacher as well as many of her teaching spiritual messages across the globe.


1.  Community Events




2.  Conference Speaking




3.  Global Leadership Training



4.  Keynote Speeches




 5.  Radio Shows, Television Shows and Podcasting





6.  Seminars and Workshops



7.  Sermons




8.    Global Tele – Ministry Outreach





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