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Human and Sexual Trafficking




A Spiritual Light

Is Shinning Into The Dark Prison Cells Of Spiritual Bondage, Spiritual Slavery

To Set Spiritual Captives Spiritually Free From Spiritual Chains, Spiritual Prisons and The Spiritual Matrix of Control



Hello there everyone, Pastor Deborah here and Welcome to the section about SPIRIUTAL HUMAN AND SEXUAL TRAFFICKINGWhat is SPIRITUAL HUMAN AND SEXUAL TRAFFICKING?  I know that you are probably saying to yourself, I think I know what Human and Sexual Trafficking is because I am getting a lot of community Awareness Education, Knowledge of Prevention, What the Signs are to Look For, I have been learning that it seems to be happening right under our eyes and yet I have never seen it, nor do I want to believe that this is really happening any where. Isn’t slavery against the law?



Slavery has a long history with humanity, since the very beginning of our time, humans have been SLAVES OF OTHERS MORE POWERFUL, Taken Captive by Invaders, Sold by parents for food, Prostituted for anything, Taken into Harems for pleasure, Trained to become child brides for breeding and peace making.  Humanity and Itself has a very bad history with itself.  When did this all begin?  Why did it begin?  Why can’t the laws of nations stop it?  Why would someone do this to little children, to teens and even adults?  What kind of human’s heart is this that would do such things to others?

 What purpose did all this slavery and bondage, trafficking and control of others for sexual pleasures or drug smuggling, or just taking pictures of have for those who seemed too evil and unloving to these precious ones they use and abuse for What?  For Money?  For Pleasure?  What kind of human heart is this that could and would do this to another human, to a baby, to a child, to a teen, to a woman, to a man.  Is this JUST BUSINESS?

Such questions one needs to be asking.  Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Child Brides, Children Solders, Children and Youth Slaves for Employment, and For What?  MONEY?  CONTROL? Is a human JUST A PRODUCT TO BE SOLD?  TRADED? USED UP AND THROWN AWAY?  How did THE HUMAN HEART get so abusive, so wicked, so evil, so bad to others?  



This section of Agape Love, Love Is Here is going to help all to understand this CONDITION OF ALL THE HEARTS that are involved FROM A DEEP SPRIITUAL LEVEL so that one will have a deep and unknown understanding of THE SPIRITUAL WHY, THE SPIRITUAL ABUSE THAT OCCURS TO the unseen SPIRITUAL BEING AND IT’S HEART when these SPIRIUTAL CONDITIONS occur.  Then one will also learn how one NEEDS SPIRITUAL HEALING FROM THESE AND what helped the spiritual hearts to survive these horrendous attacks against it.



How could one’s spiritual heart survive these horrible and abusive relationships?  What happened to the spiritual heart did it Break into many pieces and into many others JUST TO SURVIVE? Did It find a Place to escape to, when the only thing that could escape was one’s spiritual heart?  Where could one go to be safe?  What Way Was MADE for these precious littles ones to SURVIVE through the times of unbelievable abandonment, rejection, devaluation, shame, abuse from words and others, beaten and hurt, living in fear of self and for others. How to LIVE AND NOT DIE?  How to SURVIVE and NOT GO COMPLETELY CRAZY?  How to HANG ON TO SOME KIND OF LIFE without ANY HOPE, and yet LIVE?

In this section, many of these questions will be answered from the spiritual level for the spiritual heart is of the FOREVER PERSON, the unseen SPIRITUAL BEING that lives in the REALM OF THE SPIRIT and it too has been abused, abandoned, rejected, oppressed and sort of stuffed into a bottle and not able to be free in any way.  Spiritual Bondage and Captivity will be introduced as a Concept and how that effects the precious spiritual BEING, THE FOREVER PERSON and how that then effects the Soul and the Physical Body.  All The Deep Levels and Unholy Chains of Bondage and Slavery that can not be seen even though they are still there and need SPIRITUAL BREAKING to help set the spiritual person free from SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION, BONDAGE, SLAVERY, ABUSED, and all the SPIRIUTAL EFFECTS OF this life on the Spirit, THE FOREVER PERSON.


Please take your time and if you start to feel bad, or sad, Stop and take a break.  This Spiritual Information will begin to SET SPIRITUAL HEARTS FREE as Light begins to gently shine It’s Unseen Rays of Freedom and Agape Love.  The Rays will not hurt you.


Yes, Freedom has Found You even in the dark places you hide to be safe.  Yes, even in your Dreams and Behind the Locked Doors, This Light of Freedom Can Spiritually Shine on you and your fearful, broken and wounded spiritual heart.



So, Come and Step Into These Sweet and Gentle Rays of Agape Love and Light.  Into the Sweet Rays of Healing and Spiritual Life. Allow These Rays to Bring Spiritual Life and Hope to the dead and dry places of your broken and fearful spiritual heart. Freedom, Deliverance and Healing HAS COME to you this day as you are reading.  Come and Step Into the Rays of Spiritual Life and Agape Love and Allow It to begin to bring It’s Healing Touch to you even as you are far away in other lands, in the dark visions of your dreams and to all the many parts of you that you have become. Freedom, Deliverance and Healing by Agape Love and It’s Light is for all your parts and broken pieces.



Stay in The Light as long as you want.  It will Never Run Out.  Just Go Slow At First.  Love Always and Forever Pastor Deborah

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