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The Idea of Selling of Others Begins Early , Children Selling Other Children For Toys



The Idea, Concept, Thoughts, Beliefs of Selling another because there is something wrong with them, and one desires something for themselves begins even at this early age.  One selling one’s own younger brother for a toy owl to a Pet Store to get the money to buy a toy for themselves.  Yet, the conscious knows in a way this is wrong, so it says she will go back and buy her brother back after she gets the toy owl she wants.

  Parents can even support this Idea, Concept and Fertilize It and not provide the proper teaching to a child of why this is wrong.  Rejection of one child, a younger one for something else has begun.  Where did she learn this from?  How did she get the idea to do this?  She is smiling and thinks nothing is wrong with the idea, because she has determined even at her young age in her mind, that something is wrong with her brother and he should be sold.


  Selling of child for a toy, a heart’s desire is being formed and accepted, and encouraged and even laughed at.  

When the parent does not teach that this is wrong, and teach about it, then the Parent becomes the groomer of the idea of selling a child for something is ok, and I approve.  I also will allow you to do this and I too will reject/sacrifice my youngest child/my son for another’s desires of a toy.

Oh, we all laugh at the idea and think it is just silly or it does no harm, but seeds of words/thoughts of I am not loved and you would sell me for a toy owl have been planted in the one who is being rejected by the older child and being told they are going to be sold to a Pet store so she can get the toy owl she wants, but she will come back and buy him back and it will be ok.  One begins to believe he is not loved because something is wrong with him.  A toy is more important than him and he just belongs with the pets.  

This would have been a wonderful time to teach love your brother more than a toy owl and that you do not sell others for something you want.  A missed opportunity to teach about how this idea is not one of love.  Even though, the older sister said she would go back after she got her toy owl and buy her younger brother back.  But she said, she should sell him because something was wrong with him.  

A Parent’s job of teaching love of others is more important than things.  But, instead, the idea was fostered, and helped to conceive how she would do it and for how much.  It seems silly to the father, and he probably just thought it was funny and she was only kidding.  But, the seeds of human trafficking, selling others for one’s desires is being seen and heard, approved of and fostered.  

A Parents job of guiding, shepherding, loving and teaching comes during some of the strangest times and over the wildest ideas of their children.  



A Child/a Sister explaining an easy way to get the toy owl she wants.



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