Friday, March 01, 2024

Hidden Kingdoms Channel



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Welcome To The Hidden Kingdoms Channel


Agape Love Ministry, Love Is Here


We Are So Happy That You Have Stopped By To Visit With Us Today.

I Hope That Your Spiriutal Heart Will Be Open And Receptive To The Ancient Teachings About The Hidden Kingdoms That Will Begin To Bring About One’s Sprititual Re-Newing/A Returning Back To What Was Lost In Darkness/Ignornace To You All Your Life.  These Ancient Truths/Knowledge Are Not Anything New Or Of Any Historical Civilization Of Humanity.  These Ancient Truths Are The Orginial Truths From A Kingdom That Has Always Been In Existence, Yet Forgotten And Hidden In The Darkness Of Legends, Myths, Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, Magic Stories and Fables.

The Goals Of These Ancient Truths Are To Re-New, Re-Store, Transform and Convert One’s Current







Relationship With Oneself, With Others 


To Re-Open Ancient Gates That Have Been Locked To The Hidden Kingdoms Of The Realm Of The Spirit From All Earthy Eyes, Ears and From True Spiritual Understanding As To The Role These Hidden Kingdoms Have On The Earth, In Earthly Affairs, And In The Lives Of People.

And To Return One’s

Beliefs  To Their Beginnings, To The High Place Of Glory

To Their Original Source From Which They Came.


If One Will Walk Through The Gates Of The Hidden Kingdoms And Into The Land Of It’s Treasures, One Will Begin To Truly See And Hear With One’s Spiriutal Eyes And Ears And Perceive In One’s Spiritual Heart What Has Been Hidden From Them, Hiding In The Darkness Of Obscurity And Made To Be Just Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fables, Not Real, Hallucinations And Much More Than The Truth.

It Is Pastor’s Hope That These Ancient Truths/Words From Long Forgotten Hidden Kingdoms Will Take Root In One’s Spiritual Heart As They Are Given Out Freely To You To Hear, To Ponder, To Mediate On, To Perceive Their Understanding And Wisdom, And Most Of All To Transform You From A Slave In Captivity To Darkness/Ignorance And Deliver You Into Freedom.  For If One’s Spiritual Heart & Soul Are Not Set Free Of The Darkness/The Matrix Of Ignorance And Continues To Live In And Believe In Fear, Unbelief And Doubt, One Is Still Plugged Into The Matrix That Has Been Pulled Over One’s Spiritual Eyes That One Is A Slave.

For It Is Only The Truth That Can Set A Heart & Soul Free, Nothing Else, Just The Truth!

The Journey To Freedom Is Not Pleasant As Neo Learned, But In The End, It Is Worth The Trip!


Come And Listen

Allow These Ancient Truths To Set Your Spiritual Heart And It’s Soul Free

Of Slavery To Ignorance!

Come And Learn

Of The Hidden Kingdoms Of The Spirit 

Come And See

What Has Been Spiritually Hidden To You 

Come And Be Unplugged

From The Matrix Of Ignorance

Come And Free Your Spiritual Heart

Of The Darkness And It’s Taskmasters

Come And Learn

Of The Ancient Kingdoms,

Kingdoms Hidden,

Yet Here On The Earth, Even Now, Near Unto You

Come And See!

Pastor Deborah

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