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Ancient Treasures




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Hello, and Welcome, This Is Pastor Deborah And This Section,


Is Going To Go Back To The Ancient Beginnings Of Many Topics That Will Help You, A Human On The Earth To


The Real You,

The Spiritual You 

To A Variety Of Topics

That Are Vital To Becoming A New Life Form,

A New Person Spiritually,

A New Child In The Kingdom Of Agape Love And Light

Ancient Treasures That Will Be Brought Out Of Their Ancient Books For All To Read And Learn

Each Section Will Spiritually Help You To

Re-Discover Ancient Truths,

Light That Was Placed Into Hidden Books 

Until A Spiritual Heart Became A

Spiritual Seeker Of These Truths

A Treasure Hunter Seeking Out Ancient Hidden Kingdoms

An Archeologist Of Ancient Civilizations And Their Culture Of Spirituality

A Heart That Would Not Stop Seeking, Searching, Studying, Listening And Learning Ancient Truths That Had Been Hidden Behind And Under Veils Of Darkness,

Placed In The Secret Libraries Of Light And Truth

Then And Only Then

Would These Ancient Truths, Light, Books Of Spiritual Knowledge

Be Open To A Spiritual Heart. 

The Spiritual Heart

Had To Be Tested and Tried To See What It’s Motives Would Be By

 Having These Ancient Truths Spiritually Revealed To It.

  This Level Of Spiritual Knowledge, Spiritual Illumination, Spiritual Truth, Spiritual Wisdom Brings With It Possible Powerful Levels Of Pride And Haughtiness That Would Pervert The Light And The Spiritual Person Who Spiritually Re-Discovered Them.

  For This Light, This Beauty Of Ancient Truths Was So Powerful, So Spiritually Filled With Light Of The Rays Of Creation That A Spiritual Heart Had To Tested, And Tested, Tried By Fire Time And Time Again To Keep The Person And

Their Spiritual Heart Humble

And Able To Teach, Transfer, Educate The Others With Ancient Truths From A Kingdom Of Eternity.

Continue To Listen To Words That Will Reveal To You How These Ancient Truths Have Been Able To Be Spiritually Revealed To You For You To Spiritually Re-Discover Ancient Truths, Ancient Light.

The Spiritually Hidden Entrance

2 Peter 1 :  10 – 11

Authorized King James Version

Verse 10   Now Wherefore The Rather, Spiritual Brethren Give Diligence/Hard Work/Study/Dedication To Make Your Spiritual Calling And Spiritual Election Sure:  For If You Spiritually Do These Spiritual Things

1.  Spiritually Receive His/The Heavenly Father’s Divine Spiritual Nature Through One’s Faith In His Exceeding Great And Precious Spiritual Promises

2.  So That Grace/Agape Love And Peace May Be Spiritually Multiplied Unto You Through The Spiritual Knowledge Of God And Of Christ Jesus, The Lord

3.  Thus Spiritually Escaping The Spiritual Corruption That Is In The Spiritual World Through Lust

And Besides ALL These Wonderful Things,


To Your Spiritual Faith/Thoughts/Beliefs


Spiritual Knowledge

Temperance/Self-Control/Self Discipline



Brotherly Kindness

Charity/Agape Love

And Spiritually Abound/Overflow Within Your Spiritual Heart Of Your Spirit And Soul


You Will Never Be SPIRITUALLY BARREN Nor UNFRUITFUL In The Spiritual KNOWLEDGE Of The Lord Jesus Christ/The Living Anointed Word Itself/The Very Thoughts Of The Heavenly Father


You Shall Spiritually NEVER FALL/STUMBLE

Verse 11  And Then A SPIRITUAL ENTRANCE SHALL Be Spiritually Ministered/Opened/Seen/Made Clear/Spiritually Perceived/Revealed/Served Unto You Spiritually Abundantly/Without Measure/Wide Open Into The SPIRITUALLY EVERLASTING Kingdom Of Heaven, The Kingdom Of The Lord Jesus Christ

Welcome Into The Ancient Books Of Light And Agape Love

From The Spirit Of Truth

Agape Love

Will Spiritually Open/Make Available/Make Visible


Unto You Pastor Deborah In Spiritual Abundance


Welcome Back

Welcome Home

We, The Spirit Of Light And The Keepers Of The Ancient Books

We, All Of The Living Creatures Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

Have Been Spiritually Waiting For You For So Very Long

The Spiritual Books Have Been Opened To You

The Spiritual Light/Revealtions Have Been Waiting For You To Come And Re-Discover Them

The Ancient Light Of Truth Is Ancient, Eternal And Full Of Agape Love

Now, The Spirit Of Truth, The Spirit Of Light Will Open It’s Treasures Of The Ancient Kingdoms For You

Hear, Learn And Spiritually Operate In The Realm Of The Spirit In The World On Earth And For All Of Eternity To Come On The New Earth, The New World To Come.


Now Open

The Ancient Books Of The Ancient Treasures Of Light,

Of The Kingdom of Heaven

Listen And Re-Discover Ancient Truths/Light Of

The Real You,

Who You Need To Become In Spiritual Identity, 

A Spiritual King/Ruler Not Of Male Or Female Gender,

But An Heir,

And Offspring Of God Himself,

Re-Created In His Image And After His Likeness

A God Yourself  Of The Kingdom Of Heaven!

These Ancient Treasures Of The Ancient Kingdom Of Heaven Will Take You On A Ancient Journey

Of Re-Discovery

Into The Spiritual Identity Of A King

The Spiritual King’s Character

The Spiritual Purpose Of A King

The Spiritual Responsibilities Of A Spiritual King

The Spiritual King’s Authority And Dominion

The Spiritual King’s Wardrobe And Jewels

The Spiritual King’s Education, Training, Tests And Trials

The Spiritual King’s Adversaries, Enemies 

The Power Of The Spiritual King’s Words Of Decrees, Proclamations, Laws

The Spiritual King’s Seat Of Judgment

The Spiritual King’s Books Of Remembrance

The Spiritual King’s Guiding Light

The Spiritual King’s Shepherding Of Sheep/People

The Spiritual King’s Warfare Training, Battles To Fight

The Spiritual King’s Power Of Deliverance, Freedom And Healing

 The Spiritual King’s Royal Business For The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Spiritual King’s Ambassadorship To The World Of Nations On Earth

The Spiritual King’s Rulership On Earth As It Is In Heaven

So, Come And Journey With Pastor Deborah

As She Opens The Ancient Books Of The Hidden Treasures

Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 

Come, Listen And Re-Discover The Real You,

The You

That You Are To Become In Spiritual Nature, Spiritual Essence, Spiritual Identity

And Come And Hear How

These Ancient Treasures Were Lost To You Long Ago,

But Have Now Been Spiritually Restored, Opened Up To You Through Pastor Deborah

Come, And See

The Ancient Hidden Treasures Of The Realm Of The Spirit,

The Realm Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

Come, And Re-Discover

The Hidden King You Are To Become


The Hidden Kingdom Of Heaven You Are To Serve In,


Be An Government Ambassador On Earth For The Kingdom Of Heaven

Come, Little Ones, And Learn The Ancient Treasures Of Light!

Pastor Deborah
















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