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Demonization, Mel finds, is at the foundation of early Islam!




Returning to the 7th Century, Mel has found that the Proto-Muslims, the Magaritai (also known as Hagarenes, Ishmaelites, and even Saracens) chose to follow Satan, and rejected categorically the holy icons of Christianity, including the cross, the Eucharist, and Baptism. He noted that at its very foundations, Islam, as it began to form, chose not to follow Jesus Christ, but incorporate that which stood against everything Christianity considered to be holy and foundational, which helps us understand why it continues to reject Jesus Christ and everything He came to do even today. From 7th century writings Mel noticed that according to the demons’ words, while being exorcised, the Saracens were considered by the demons to be “our comrades”, and “our companions” Mel concludes that any faith which does not honour the cross, or baptism, or the Eucharist, and that does not confess the son of Mary to be God or son of God as their core doctrines, is a heresy, and thus ripe for adopting Demonic practices, as are found all over the Muslim world from the 7th century until today (What is commonly termed “folk Islam”) Interestingly, the Jews in the recorded Muhammad (known then in the 7th century as Ilyas ibn Qabisha) as being possessed, and it should also be noted that the Islamic Tradition also refers to the later 9th-10th century Muhammad of Islam as being bewitched, even using it as an excuse for the Satanic Verses (Surah 53:19-20). Islam grew out of an environment of demonic infestation but has no response to it at all, as can be evidenced by the 7th century examples of the caliphs Muawiya, Abd al Malik and even the governor al Hajjaj, who instead of going to their own religious leaders, came to Christians to be healed, and particularly to be healed of demonization. From the very beginning, those who created Islam, though they rejected the God of Christianity, they recognized that there was something special and powerful behind the prayer and power of the Christians, which they employed for their own gain. This has continued even until today, where much of the Islamic world follows what is commonly termed “Folk Islam” (eg. employing the ‘Evil Eye’, or ‘Fatima’s Hand’, or the ‘Giri-giris’ for protections against the evil spirits). Ironically, the very things the earliest “Muslims” hated and were fearful of in the 7th century (the cross, baptism and the Eucharist) are the very things we as Christians love, because they are central to everything we believe as Christians. © Pfander Centre for Apologetics – US, 2020 (41,190) (Music: “small adventure”, by Rafael Krux, from filmmusic-io – License CC BY)



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