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David and Bathsheba 1951 Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward


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What is Most Important Is The Scene when King David near the end of the movie goes into the Holy Of Holies to repent, to pray and petition God to forgive him and to lift the curse on the land of Israel and to allow Bathsheba to live for the SIN WAS HIS, NOT HERS AND THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL.

And excellent example for a Leader to follow for his people, for the land he was to shepherd and to listen to what must die, what part of David must die and what part of him must become alive again unto God.  

The Sinner MUST DIE and THE INNOCENT child David was long years ago must be returned to life within David.

David risks his own death when he touches the Ark of The Lord.  But His prayer was one of death and resurrection.

Great to watch if one is in Leadership of a family, a business, or even a nation and it’s people and it’s resources and land.


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