Friday, May 24, 2024

Story of King Josiah | Josiah Bible Movie



This Old Testament Story Is A Spiritual Revelation of The Spiritual Heart and Soul of Humanity and How God, The Most High Desires to Cleanses His Spiritual Temple, The Deep Hidden Spiritual Heart of The Spirit of every Human from it’s many Idols, and loves of others who are Not Him.  The Cross Provided The Way for This To Happen In the Realm of The Spirit and to Conquer That Which Only A Heart of Agape Love  Could To Do.  The Battles continue for the Heart of every Human to love, worship and obey The One True God of All Creation, Christ Jesus and His Heavenly Father Through The Power of The Holy Spirit.


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This Video Is Not The Intellectual Property of Agape Love, Love Is Here, But Is Streamed From Youtube

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