Thursday, April 18, 2024

Why is Africa Still So Poor?



The African continent is famous for its poverty… But many people don’t know the complete reason why Africa is so poor. In this video we will look from the point when African countries were rich and powerful, how over the centuries Africa lost its wealth, and why Africa hasn’t been able to crawl out of it’s poverty while so many other countries and former colonies have. 



Why African Countries are Poor and how we can end poverty in Africa | Thought Connect


In this video, we explore some of the reasons why African countries are poor and some of the ways we can end poverty in Africa. We explore the quality of the systems and structures in place in African countries, the geography problems in Africa, and how the people’s believes and thoughts create challenges with economic growth. Why Africa is poor? How to end poverty in Africa? Poverty in Africa Why education is important to end poverty? Importance of education? Why religion is bad for wealth creation?



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