Sunday, December 10, 2023

Early Christianity in Ancient China (Awesome Presentation!)
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Many people don’t know that the first preaching of Christianity in China pre-dated the Jesuits by more than nine centuries. We’ll take a second cursory look at the Jesuits as part of a bigger story that includes Christianity in China during the Tang and Yuan dynasties. We’ll see that prior to the arrival of Matteo Ricci, there were two other lesser known attempts to grow Christianity in China. In this episode the voice of CHP guides us through the history of early Christianity in ancient China, its triumphs, downfalls, struggles and achievements. We many who embrace it and those who rejected and sought to crush it. From acceptance to resistance this is the story of one of the greatest religions in history in one of the greatest nations in history! Support the China History Podcast at these locations! Website: Facebook:… Patreon:… Twitter: If you enjoy video maps check out these channels! Ollie Bye… EmperorTigerstar:… Jake Mapping:… Gospel Map:
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