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Cult Escape, John Spinks, United Kingdom



Setting The Captives Free






Agape Love, Love Is Here is Honored to Welcome 

John Spinks

Wirral Merseyside,  United Kingdom



The Author of The Book Cult Escape

Cult Escape


As A International Voice of Agape Love and It’s Power To Bring Freedom and Healing to The Hearts and Minds of Humanity Who Have Been Born Into and Lived In Very Harsh, Restrictive and Controlling Religions that Hold The Physical Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit in Bondage and Not Allowed to Find Light and Unconditional Love That Seems to Be Hidden From The Deep Heart and Spirit.

Hear About John’s Own Journey Out of Bondage and Into Freedom of Spirit, Soul and Physical Body, The 3 part system call a Human.

Learn that Through Unconditional Love, Agape Love, Freedom Can Come and It Can Bring Healing.

John helps people In their Journey from being brainwashed and trapped to freedom and unconditional love.

What is Cult Escape? 

In writing the book, I decided to go ‘raw-revealing’ and say it as it was, during my life of trying to live under the laws of the Exclusive Brethren cult. I am past caring about reputation and I am not shy. Also to date, for the last 29 years, half my family have been forbidden to sit down and have a meal with me. They are still under their doctrine of separation. I reached acceptance and peace about all that years ago, but the deep passion I feel, has motivated me to write it all down. I want to tell you about what it was like growing up being coercively indoctrinated with 11 meetings a week. I reveal how what I believe was spiritual abuse and control, and how it was interwoven in many areas of my life, and how my mind was groomed to be a clone of the Leader’s choosing.

I will tell you my escape route in detail and how the psychological and emotional chains were far harder to break than the physical ones. What I’d like my story to achieve, is to give the message that freedom from any controlling religion, is possible. Though the escape route may well be different from mine, the many principles that I applied will be relevant no matter what religion a person might be in. I really believe that there is hope for everyone.

But there’s more. A person can leave a cult but does the cult ever leave the person? After escaping I spent a wild two years exploring my desires. I was driven by wounds of rejection and not feeling loved. I tell of my adventures and vices and mistakes in the book. I want to show that a person leaving a cult can make many mistakes but don’t let that stop your adventure into freedom. My journey of healing and wholeness had just begun and looking back all I needed was faith, hope and above all, love. I really believe that there is hope for ‘the cult to leave a person’ too.

I’m with you on your journey.

Love John

Mission Statement: Cult Escape is a resource which inspires courage and hope for anyone who seeks freedom from religious control.


Vision Statement: We are aiming for the horizon of world peace where religious division, self-righteousness and control is replaced with unconditional love, so that the world will be as one.


Cult Escape Resource        Cult Escape is an ever growing resource that aims to promote awareness of the struggles that many are facing all over the world today. Through the online presence, books, social media, public speaking, conferences and seminars, information and testimonies can be accessed which can give those trapped in controlling situations the knowledge, hope and courage needed to set them free.

Cult Escape’s Solution in 2 Words


Unconditional Love.









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