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Breck Stewart, MoonDaze Productions

Agape Love, Love Is Here


is Honored and Pleased to Welcome

Breck Stewart,

MoonDaze Productions, President

An Entertainment and Production Company

 Promotions and Record Label for

Mister E


Producers of The Reality TV Show, MOONDAZE TV

As A Global Partner and Allie of The Voice of Agape Love To Humanity



Breck is a wonderful person whose heart is full and overflowing in and with Agape Love for all humanity.

Breck’s Heart is one of Agape Love for humanity and shows it so very much in all that he does and who he hugs, and works with and spotlights.



Breck started on this journey at the age of 7 when he began acting on the stage.  Then from the age of 10 to 18 he learned to play musical instruments including the piano, trumpet, guitar and organ.

Breck studied Business Administration and Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1992.

Then Breck became a TV Host from 1994 – 1996 at a local TV station in Montreal, Canada after which he started to model, act and also began to do work behind the scenes as director, producer and editor.



In 2004, Breck founded MOONDAZE Productions


MOONDAZE Productions released Breck’s first album UTOPIA as a singer, songwriter and producer on October 25, 2007.  The album first came out in digital form, then 2 years later on CD as a 2-Disk Ultimate Edition containing 14 bonus tracks for a total of 20 songs. 10 Tracks from UTOPIA have been released with music videos

Breck recorded a second album, MISTER E in October 2010 spanning 8 songs. On October 17, 2015 the Song,

Sun Rays

was released as Breck’s First Single not taken from an album.


All music videos are available on The Discography Section of his personal website of


The Reality Show, MOONDAZE TV 

was created on November 11, 2011.  Currently it is in it’s fight season. 


Features many artists, personalities, friends, fans and people Breck meets as he covers events in the Montreal Cultural scene.  The Full episodes are available in the MOONDAZE TV section through youtube video embed.


Come and Meet Breck Stewart of Montreal, Canada

and meet a True Heart of Agape Love for humanity and learn that all are loved by this young man and Breck believes all are worthy of Agape Love and It’s Rays of Light and Hope.



Breck is a Wonderful Gift to humanity because of his Heart of Agape Love for all humanity



A Heart of Agape Love

Shinning Out


With Agape Love For All

Bringing gifts of Kindness and Hope to all that cross his path



Breck Stewart 



can be found on

Linkedin at

On Facebook at

At Reverbnation at

And at Breck Stewart – MOON DAZE Productions

Also, Breck can be reached by email at

[email protected]


Breck can also be Followed on Twitter at




Welcome Breck Stewart As A Partner and Allie To Humanity As A Voice of 

Agape Love, Love Is Here

Pastor Deborah




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