Monday, July 22, 2024

NAMI Pensacola



Pastor Deborah has partnered with NAMI Pensacola as a Contributor to their monthly newsletter as an Spiritual Care Editor and as a representative of Lakeview Center, Inc., Spiritual Care Department.  Pastor Deborah is a Volunteer Pastor with the Spiritual Care Department of Lakeview Center in Pensacola and ministers in the Acute Stablization Unit, the Chronically Mentally Ill and as a Member of The Sexaul Assault Response Team as A Pastor.

Please check out NAMI Pensacola as they tirelessly work to bring awareness, prevention and support to those with a mental health illness and to the family members. Mental Health effects all and is an illness/disease that has no boundaries and is found in every nation. Pastor Deborah is connected around the world to all levels of Treatment Professionals to help bring Spiritual Care To the Treament Team in Helping People.

Visit NAMI Pensacola and Other NAMI’s in other cities and states. It is an honor and wonderful privilege to be apart of the wonderful people who love others deeply that are affected by the devesting effects of a mental illness. Mental Illnesses affect all ages, all races, all sexes and genders. It does not discriminate, it effects all of humanity.

Pastor Deborah will work to provide Words of Encouragement and Support and Ministry From The Profession and Area Of Spiritual Care for all involved.

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