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Internet Safety For Kids, By Broadband Search



Agape Love, Love Is Here is Honored to Welcome



Broadband Search


It’s Internet Safety For Parents and Children

As A Resource, Partner and Allie Of Helping Children Around The Globe To Be Safe On The Internet


Broadband Provides 17 Rules/Guide Lines to Protect Children On-Line


  In 2019,  More Kids on Line Than Ever Before


1.  Dangers Your Child Faces


2. Cyberbullying


3.  Sexual Predators


4. Identity Thief/Cybercrime


5. Explicit/Violent Crimes


6. Keeping Your Child Safe On Line:  Strategies To Follow


7. Be Involved


8.  Talk


9.  Stay Informed


10.  Know Acronyms


11.  Limit Screen Time


12.  Monitor Privacy Settings



13.  Use Parental Controls



14.  Know The Signs



15. Conclusion



16.  The 14 Apps and Social Media Sites Parents Need To Be Aware Of



17.  The 14 Apps and Social Media Sites



Broadband can be Contacted at

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By Phone at

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By Email at

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On Facebook at


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Once again,


To Broadband Search as a Global Partner and Allie of Hope and Agape Love to Children around the World and their Families.  We Thank Broadband Search for loving and caring so deeply about the safety of Children out in the Lands of Social Media on many Platforms.

Agape Love Thanks You for The Love you have for the safety of Children and how you have taken great steps to bring Education, Information and Knowledge to the Families and Parents and to The Children Themselves that will help them to be safe out in the Far Lands of The Internet and against those who seek their harm, their abuse, their captivity, their harm for the purposes of the evil dark hearts of others.

Love Pastor Deborah



Also Please Look and Learn More About Safety For Children Online







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