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Advanced Courses on Spiriutal Care, Becoming A King




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The King’s International Spiritual Care University

Each course will have many teachings in each area and the Titles will Be Listed


The Advanced Classes on Spiritual Care and Their Role Of Helping People

Will Explore the More Advanced Education and Training One will need to Rise Up and Become a Spiritual King of The Kingdom of Agape Love and to Demonstrate and Manifest The Power, Authority and Dominion that Agape Love has in the Realm of The Spirit and even in the Realm of Hidden Soul, The Hidden Person of The Heart and the Physical Body. These Classes will provide deep concepts and ideas that will need to be personally researched and explored in order to help people from this realm of Agape Love.



1.  Advanced Courses –  031 SC –  A Brief Review of Basic and Intermediate Classes to provide a refreshing of the previous classes, teaching before one begins advancing into the deeper classes of Spiritual Care in the ministry of helping people.  These classes will be a collection of all the previous classes and will be here for one’s review. Please watch all the videos again as a review before advancing in this Advanced Courses of Becoming a King of The Kingdom of Agape Love.




2.  Advanced Courses – 032 SC – Classes on What is The Kingdom of Agape Love and What is A King of it.  How do these two Concepts effect the Spiritual Care of humanity in helping people with sickness, illness and diseases of the physical body, the soul/the sub-conscious hidden person of the heart and the Forever Person.  Learn about the Rulership, Power, Authority and Dominion The Kingdom of Agape Love has in the realm of the Forever Person – the spiritual realm and in the realm of the Kingdom of Darkness and it’s Rulers and then over the ones who are being oppressed, held captive, held in ignorance, serving this Kingdom knowingly or unknowingly.  Learn how Ignorance of this Kingdom of Agape Love can bring It’s Power of Healing, Freedom, Deliverance and Health to The Forever Person.



3.  Advanced Courses – 033 SC  –  The Role of The Higher Power of Agape Love in Helping People the Lord’s Way and It’s Long and Ancient History in Humanity and It’s Current Role in Modern Medicine and the Healing Professions.



4.  Advanced Courses – 034 SC –  Learning what the Spiritual Gifts of The Kingdom of Agape Love are and how the are given and used to diagnosis and treatment the Mental Health and Physical Diseases of humanity.  Also, the classes will provide teaching on how Agape Love’s Kingdom is to also heal the Nations, the Land, The Creation, the Resources/Wealth of the Land, How The Atmosphere and Climate are affected by the which Kingdom is ruling the circumstances of the world.  Learn what the goals of the Two Kingdom are, The Kingdom of Agape Love and The Kingdom of Darkness in the hearts of humanity, in the hidden realm of the Forever Person and how these goals effect the health of humanity and the governments of nations.


5.  Advanced Courses – 035 SC  –  Learning the many different Spiritual enemies of Agape Love and how they effect the lives of humanity personally and how they bring sickness, mental health diseases, oppression, bondage, lack of peace and unity, wars, and chaos.  Learning about the Kingdom of Darkness and it’s governmental structure and leaders and their hidden powers to attack and effect the 3 part system of a human of physical body, the soul and the Forever Person.  Learn how these enemies of health, and wellness travel throughout the generations and continue to attack humanity with their sicknesses and diseases and oppression.  Learn the Weapons this Kingdom uses to bring sickness, oppression, power and control, and learn of their hatred of Agape Love and all of it’s purposes and goals for humanity.



6.  Advance Courses  036 SC  Classes on What Spiritual Medicine will be needed to bring the healing to the Forever Person through deliverance, freedom of separation, education and learning, and the role of spiritual shepherding in helping people in and through the healing process of recovery and wellness.  One will learn about The Power and Authority of Faith, Relationship with Agape Love, The Power of Words/Thoughts, The Authority of The Realm of Agape Love, The Goals and Purposes of Agape Love in helping humanity in being healed, freed, well and living in peace and unity both within one’s own 3 part system and between other humans.


7.  Advanced Courses – 037 SC  –  Hear about Pastor Deborah’s many stories of being educated, training and learning how to Help People the Lord’s Way.  Hear how her training was not always understood for what purposes and yet would go through the training and come to learn for what purposes the training was for as she traveled deep into The Kingdom of Darkness to set captives free and bring the Voice and Light of Agape Love.  You will learn the Words that became her spiritual foundation and are used in helping people and how Agape Love would back up her words for they were Agape Love’s Words for humanity itself and it’s Spiritual Purposes for which It was on Planet earth and was desiring to be applied in the lives of humanity and in world’s governments themselves to bring it’s Power of Healing and Restoring The Forever Person to it’s Rightful Spiritual Place of being Whole, Healed and at Peace within it’s 3 part system and then out in the realm of the world.


Advanced  Review 038 SC –    Of Spiritual Care and Helping People the Lord’s Way.  Learning the need for being under Teachers, Tutors, Authorities, Being on a Prayer Team, Attending Services, Learning about Intercession, Learning about the Spiritual Gifts and Their Spiritual Purposes, Reading and Reading Many Books and Attending Many Conferences and Web nairs.  Studying Ancient History of Spirituality and It’s Role in humanity and healing. Learning who where the first spiritual physicians and how they ministered to humanity to help them.  Looking closely at one’s self and learn the difference between the flesh/the natural realm and the spiritual realm. 

Learning to stay under authority until released by The Agape Love Itself and to go out and among the sea of humanity and be an international minister on social media platforms, in person and in prayer to help people spiritually the Way of Agape Love.

Learn the importance of a deep personal relationship with Agape Love and It’s Source in The Kingdom of Agape Love and how that is the #1 Factor that is necessary to help people with and through Agape Love.  Hear more of Pastor Deborah’s Stories and how she was able to transform from a mental health system of helping people to helping people From the Way of Agape Love, and It’s Kingdom of Agape Love with all of it’s Spiritual Gifts and Power.





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