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Intermediate Spiritual Care Courses




Intermediate Spiritual Care Courses

All Classes will be by video presentation both on this section of the web site 


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The Hidden Kingdoms Channel 

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The King’s International Spiritual Care University

Each course will have many teachings in each course and the Titles will Be Listed


The Intermediate Spiritual Care Classes

Will begin to Teach on The 3 Part System of a Human, The Physical Body, The Hidden Person of The Soul/The Deep Sub-Conscious Mind and the Forever Person/The Spiritual Person who Is Eternal

Both the Healthy Conditions and The Unhealthy Conditions of the 3 Part System


1.  Intermediate Courses  020 SC  –  These Courses will begin to Explore the first and second Realms of the human’s 3 part system, The Physical Body and the Soul and Their Roles in the 3 part system of a human of Physical Body, Soul/The Deeply Hidden Person of The Heart/The Sub-Conscious Mind and the Forever Person/The Eternal Part/The Spiritual Part of a human.  Basic Concepts, Word Defined, Terms Used In Healing and Wellness, The Helping Professions Involved in These Areas of Healing.




2.  Intermediate Course 021 SC  –  These Courses will begin to Explore the Third Realm of a Human, The Forever Person and It’s Role in the 3 Part System of a Human.  Basic Concepts of both a Healthy and Unhealthy Conditions will begin to be discussed.  The Role of The Effects of The Physical Body and It’s Soul/The Hidden Man of the Heart on the Forever Person’s Health and Spiritual Condition.  And a beginning of The Concept of the Realm of The Spirit, The Realm of The Forever Person.



3.  Intermediate Course 022 SC –  These Courses will begin to explore the Realm of The Forever Person and it’s Life in the Realm. Classes will include the Creation of The Forever Person, The Shaping and Development of The Forever Person’s Heart/Mind, The Abilities and Powers of The Forever Person, The Original and Current Role of the Forever Person in the 3 part system.  Classes on the conditions of both health and unhealthy conditions of the Forever Person will begin.


4.  Intermediate Courses 023 SC – These Courses will begin to explore the Many Ways of Communication to and from the Forever Person in the Realm of the Eternal, The Real of The Spirit.  The Dreams of the Spirit, The Dark Visions of The Night, Open Visions, Hearing Voices of Other Spiritual Beings, The Deeply Hidden Rulership of The Forever Person, The Hidden Purposes of The Forever Person, The Oneness of The Forever Person and It’s Soul and Physical Body.


5. Intermediate Course 024 SC  –  The Courses will begin to explore The Realm of Words, Imaginations, Programming, How Abuse Is Used in the Spirit Realm, The Realm of Belief, Understanding, Doubt, Fear, Agape Love -vs- Hate and Selfishness, The Spiritual Realm as a real and eternal realm with Kingdoms, Kings, Princes, Angels, Fallen Angels, Powers and Authority, Dominion, The Purpose of Earth and The Government that is to rule it from the spiritual realm.



6.  Intermediate Course 025 SC –  The Courses will begin to Explore the Kingdom of Darkness and it’s Rulership and Power on Earth.  The Government on Earth and how it is ruling through the spiritual hearts and souls of humans.  The role of the Kingdom of Darkness’s Hidden Leadership and their government and purposes and goals on earth.  Also these courses will begin to teach and revel the how the Kingdom of Darkness effects the Forever Person’s Health, Wellness and Life.  One will become to see the effects of the Kingdom of Darkness on the Physical Body, Soul/The Hidden Person of The Heart and The Forever Person and how This Kingdom relates to disease, illness, and sickness at the personal level, the family level, the community’s level, a nation’s level, the effect’s on governments, the effects on faith and religion, the effects on infants and children, teens and young adults and mature adults.  Also, the role of This Kingdom has on Nature and the Animals on the earth.  Also, one will being to see how this Kingdom of Darkness expands it’s rulership in humanity through the physical body, the soul and the spiritual Forever Person. 


7.  Intermediate Course 026 SC  –  Learn from many of Pastor Deborah’s personal stories at this level and how they were used to continue Pastor Deborah’s training and to help her faith to grow and develop into a strong and power and unshakable faith.  Hear about the ministry of helping people in the Realm of The Spirit and to the Hidden Spiriutal Person, The Forever Person.  Continue to hear about the education and training of Pastor Deborah to help her to ministry more effectively in the the hidden realm of the Spirit and to be success in helping people in through Spiritual Care from the Heart of Agape Love.

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