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The Missions and Goals, Opening The Ancient Treasure Chest of The King’s Riches






The King’s International Spiritual Care University



Hello Again, This Is Pastor Deborah, The Shepherd Of This Unique University of Spiritual Care.

It is an honor and a privilege to have you stop by and look at this very Unique University that is really One from the Ancient Days of Long ago of Another Time and Realm.

This University is one that has always been around and has been waiting to be brought out into the Realm of the World as a Great Treasure Chest Full of Ancient and Eternal Riches and Glory.



The Treasure Chest had to wait to be Found and Then Opened by a True King of The Treasure Chest’s Kingdom.  For The Treasure Chest was a Gift Of a Mighty King for all of Humanity. It was given long ago in the forgotten past of history, but has now been allowed to be brought forth out of the Garden of Life and into the World.  A Treasure Chest full of Riches and Glory that was always intended to be shared and given as Gifts of The Heart of Agape Love to all of humanity. 



The King’s International Spiritual Care University’s Mission



Is Spiritually Tasked with The Worldwide Mission of Teaching Spiritual Care freely at no cost to anyone of any age.

Is Spiritually Tasked To Introduce The Concepts and Ideas of Spiritual Care For The Spiritual Heart of The Forever Person and That It Is A Vital Component and Needed Partner and Allie in The Realm of Healing, Restoring, Restoration and Wellness of The Wounded and Broken Spiritual Heart of The Forever Person.




The King’s International Spiritual Care University’s Goals Are



1.  To Provide Basic Spiritual Care Classes That Introduce New, Yet Ancient Concepts, Ideas, Precepts, Thoughts of What Spiritual Care Is and Who It is For.




2. To Provide Intermediate Spiritual Care Classes of Spiritual Care About the More In-depth Education on The Forever Person and The Realm of The Spirit in Which The Forever Person Lives.

Also The Beginning of The Concepts of What It Means to Have a Broken, Wounded Heart 

Also The Beginning of The Role of The Soul and It’s Hidden Man of It’s Sub-Conscious Hidden Heart And It’s Connection To The Forever Person’s Spiritual Condition

Also The Partnership of The Physical Body and The Soul and how they affect the Forever Person’s Spiritual Heart to bring about It’s Brokenness and Wounds.





3.  To Provide Advanced Spiritual Care Classes of Spiritual Care and How Spiritual Care Is Needed as An Equal Partner In Healing

 To Provide Ancient History and Knowledge of the Role of A Higher Power as the Helper in the Healing Process

To Provide The Ancient Nature of a Forever Person who had no Brokenness, Wounds, Pain, Torments, Vexations, Soul Hurts, Fragmentations of The Mind, and  What It’s Original Kingdom Government of The 3 Part System and It’s Healthy Spiritual Condition Was Before The Abuse Came and The Darkness Descended Upon It



And The Nature and Condition When It Was Changed and Become A Fertile Soil for All The Abuse, Diseases, Illnesses, Pains of the Physical Body, Of The Soul and it’s 2 Minds of Consciousness – The Seen Consciousness and The Hidden Man of The Deep Sub-Consciousness Mind and then The Forever Person’s New Spiritual Nature of It’s Entire Being that Becomes The Tail/The Follower of The Hidden Man of the Sub-Consciousness Mind of The Soul.

 To Provide Education How To Determine the Areas of The Wounds, and Brokenness,  And The Pains Of The Spirit, Soul and/or The Physical Body That Are Affected and How They Operate within these areas of a human

How To Learn About The Effects of The Realm of The Spirit on Nations, Lands, Resources, Generations, Governments, Cultures and Family Culture and their Spiritual Need for Healing, Deliverance, Freedom and Wholeness



 To Learn What Questions Does One Need To Ask to Determine The Affects on The Forever Person

To Provide what the Spiritual Causes of The Wounds, Brokenness, Infections, Viruses, Bacteria, Poisons, Root of The Diseases and Injury. Are.



To Provide the Knowledge of The Spiritual Abilities/Skills Needed To Assist In The Spiritual Healing of A Forever Person and It’s Soul and Physical Body

To Provide The Knowledge of The Spiritual Authority, Dominion and Rulership Of Providing Spiritual Care to The Forever Person




To Provide The Knowledge of The Spiritual Foundations of Sickness, Illnesses, Wounds, Brokenness, Pain, Memories, and How and Why Such Abuse, Torments, Vexation, Fears, Illnesses, Diseases, Depressions, Abandonment and Hate and their Spiritual Rights To Do What they do to a Forever Person and It’s Soul and Physical Body


Then To Learn About the Role Of Spiritual Care After Healing and Recovery Is Done.



4.  To Provide a Network of Graduates for Connection With each other. Which Will Provide Spiritual Shepherding/Pastoring for the Graduates for This Spiritual Ministry Does Not Come Without Attacks, Tests, Challenges of The Hidden Man in the areas of Pride, Money, Glory and How Serious One is In Bringing This Spiritual Care To the Forever Person. 



5.  To Provide Continuing Education Classes for Graduates to Continue to Increase In Spiritual Knowledge and Experience In Spiritual Care and It’s Role in Healing, Restoration, and Recovery.




Pastor Deborah Is Pleased To Be A Shepherd Of These Ancient Purposes and Goals of The Heart of Agape Love. And To Shepherd Those who are seeking The Treasures of The Ancient Treasure Chest of Agape Love and It’s Role in Spiritual Care and Healing of the Forever Person’s Spiritual Heart.




Pastor Deborah Is Honored By The King Of These Riches of His Treasure Chest of Spiritual Care to Be The Shepherd and Teacher of His Spiritual Treasures That He Has Brought Out of The Realm of The Kingdom of The Garden of Eden for all those who have a seeking heart and have become Spiritual Archeologists seeking The Ancient Treasures of a Lost Kingdom of The Long Ages Of Eternity.

The Treasure Chest Is Open and It’s Riches and Glory Are Freely There For All To Receive As Ancient and Eternal Riches of The Heart of Agape Love.

So Welcome To 


Pastor, Shepherd and Teacher – Pastor Deborah














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