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Global Tele – Ministry, Taking Tests During A Spiritual War, COVID 19






Welcome to Test Time

Pastor Deborah has provided a Tele – Ministry Session for you to watch and learn.  Tests are apart of studying, learning and growing in understanding, wisdom and maturity.

During these days of COVID 19,  of 2020, the world is now in times of great testing 

Pastor Deborah has provided a Tele-Ministry Video to help you during this time of your testing as a spiritual war and battle in upon the world and you are in it yourself.


The Following Tele-Ministry Videos are to help you take your tests and to learn how to take them 

These Tele – Ministry Videos are an Voice of Agape Love To You and Will Provide you Tools to Use To Pass Your Spiritual Tests that are apart of spiritually growing and learning.

You either Pass or Fail, But Take the Test You Will

Watch and Listen, Learn and Grow and Then Take Your Tests and Pass

Pastor Deborah will see you after the test



Test Time During A Spiritual War,  COVID 19

April 2020


Welcome to Pastor Deborah’s COVID 19 spiritual message. Hear about spiritual warfare, testing, historical references, Learn about the effects on the Forever Person from this world wide spiritual attack. Learn how to go through this time in strength and peace. Hear about others who also have had to walk through times such as all of humanity are now. Listen and Rise Up and Pass the Tests, Rise and Go to war, Rise Up Generals and run to the battle.



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