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Basic Courses on Spiritual Care





All Classes will be by Video Presentation/Teaching both on This Section of the Web Site


on YouTube,

The Hidden Kingdoms Channel,

At the Playlist Entitled,

The King’s International Spiritual Care University

Each Course Will Have Many Teachings and The Title of The Course Will Be Listed





1.  Basic 001 SC  –     Basic Courses that will introduce the concept of Spiritual Care to the student and it’s many components.  Definitions will be taught and begin to introduce the Ancient Concept of Spiritual Care and It’s Role in Helping and Healing Humanity and it’s 3 part system, The Physical Body, the Soul and The Spirit.



2.  Basic 002 SC  –  Spiritual Care – The Concept that a Human is a 3 Part Being consisting of a Physical Body, The Soul – A Deep Sub-Conscious Mind/The Hidden Person of The Heart and The Forever Person, The Spiritual Being that lives in the Unseen Realm of The Spirit/The Realm of The Eternal.

Basic 002-1 SC-     Spiritual Care – The Basic Concept That A Human Is A 3 Part Being,   1 + 1 = 1,   A Spirit, A Soul and The Physical Body


3.  Basic 003 SC  –  Spiritual Care – Ancient History of Spiritual Care in the cultures and religions of humanity and it’s role of healing and restoration from sickness, illnesses, diseases, spiritual attacks, curses, demonic spirits, enemies of war, lack of bountiful resources, and dealing with the beliefs of the afterlife upon earthly death.



4.  Basic 004 SC  – Spiritual Care – Basic Terms and Concepts of Healing, Restoration, Wellness, Deliverance, Freedom, Recovery, Prayer, Education, Personal Ministry, Faith, The Power Of Words, One’s Own Beliefs or Unbelief in Healing, The Role of Fear and Doubt in Healing,  Health and the intersection of Spiritual Care and these Concepts and Thoughts.



5.  Basic 005 SC  -Spiritual Care –  The Role of Spiritual Care’s Healers in Ancient Humanity and the Ancient Cultures.  Discovery of the Role of The Spiritual Care’s Providers in a Culture.  The Variety of Names of These Spiritual Care Healers through out Time and Cultures.  The Responsibilities of A Healer of Spiritual Care.  The Education and Training of A Spiritual Care Healer. 


6.  Basic 006 SC – Spiritual Care – The Realm of Spiritual Care and It’s Healing Which Heart Needs Spiritual Care?  Where is Spiritual Care Applied to and How is it Applied?  What Kind of Medicine Does Spiritual Care Offer? How Much Does Spiritual Care Cost?  



7.  Basic 007 SC – Spiritual Care –  Personal Stories of Spiritual Care From Pastor Deborah’s Life and from those She has provided Spiritual Care To and The Healing That Occurred.  









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