Sunday, December 10, 2023

Helping People The Lord’s Way Series, Introduction & Welcome




Hello & Welcome to a new Spiritual Education Series, Helping People The Lord’s Way.
This introduction will help you to begin to understand more about Helping People The Lord’s Way. Pastor Deborah will use her own life and it’s ancient history and the history of humanity to help you learn and to be educated the Way The Lord Helps People and How you can learn to also Help People The Lord’s Way as well.
Come as a Student with a heart desiring to know, a mind open to new concepts and ideas, ears that want to hear and spiritual eyes desiring to see what you do not know.
All videos will be on Agape Love, Love Is Here’s Youtube Channel, the Hidden Kingdoms in the Playlist of Helping People The Lord’s Way.
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All videos will also be on Agape Love, Love Is Here’s web site at And will be Podcasted out to many different Podcast Shows and will be on many Podcast Platforms.
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Love Always and Forever Pastor Deborah
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