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New Wine Skins For New Wine




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Hello Again To The Hidden Kingdoms Channel’s On-Line School

This Is The Next Class For Everyone.

This Class Is Entitled 

New Wine Skins For New Wine

That May Seem Like A Strange Title For A Class, But These Classes Are Going To Be Taking Us Back In Time,

Into Ancient Long Forgotten Civilizations And Empires, Kingdoms And Begin Uncovering The Ancient Hieroglyphs Of Pictures And Symbols, Cultures And Their Ancient, Eternal Truths Of The Spiritual Realm That All Humanity Believed In Once Long Ago,

But Now Believe They Are Only Science Fiction,

A Mental Illness,


Not Needed For Civilized People Who Are Now No Longer Superstitious

With Old Wives Tales Or Fables, And Fairy Tales.  

And What Were These Ancient Hidden Truths Of Long Ago

That There Were Gods Above In Another World/Realm


Their Realms Of Spiritual Kingdoms Were Here On The Earth

 Other Beings In A Spiritual Realm That Had Influence On Earth


Had Communicated With


Even Revealed To Ancient Humans

Hidden Truths

From The Unseen Realm Of The Gods Long Forgotten To Us And Their Meanings.

Through These Classes, We Will Explore Ancient Symbols And Their Spiritual Language That Has Become Only Legends, Fairy Tales, Fables, Stories To Us. 

This Class Will Begin That Re-Discovery As We Become As Archaeologists And

Dig Through Layers And Layers Of Dirt To Go Back In Time

To Ancient Hidden Truths

  So, Put On Your Archaeologist’s Hat And Let’s Begin Digging.

New Wine Skins For New Wine

Long Hidden Light/Truth Is Like A New Wine That Needs To Be Placed In A Container That Is New, And It Can Hold The New Fresh Wine Without Leaking Or Breaking.

So, Deep In Your Spiritual Heart Of Your Spirit, By You Taking This Class, A New Wine Skin Has Been Created.

Placed In Your Spiritual Heart So It Will Be Able To Hold These Fresh, Newly Re-Discovered Ancient Eternal Truths.  The New Wine Skin Is An Old Symbol Of A New Container For Fresh, New Wine.  So, In Order To Hold These New Truths/New Yet Ancient Truths/Wine The New Wine Skin Is Needed.  

Ok, Here Is The New Wine Skin.  It May Look Strange To You, But It is Exactly What Is Required and Needed To Have New Wine/Knowledge/Truth Poured Into Your Spiritual Heart And For Your Spiritual Heart To Be Able To Hold It And Then For It Too Be Slowly Drunk/Taken Into Your Heart.  You Will Take Just Little Sips Of This New Wine.  Do Not Worry There Is No Alcohol In It, But Your Spiritual Heart Will Feel Different.

But, First We Prepare For Receiving The New Wine By Having A New Wine Skin Within Our Heart To Hold The New Wine.  

Now,  Did Everyone Do Their Assigned Homework?

Good If You Did, If this Is Your First Day Of Class, Welcome, I Am Pastor Deborah Your Spiritual Teacher

New Wine Is Now Being Poured Into Your Spiritual Heart.

First As You Will Learn,

One Needs Definitions Of Words To Help You Understand. 

When One’s Definitions Are Off, Perverted, Darkened

One’s Concepts Will Be Off, Perverted, Darkened

Then One’s Precepts Will Be Off, Perverted, Darkened

Then One’s Ideas Will Be Off, Perverted, Darkened


Then One’s Beliefs Will Be Off, Perverted And Darkened, Covered By A Gross Thick Veil Of Waxness Which Prevents The Ancient Truths From Coming In And Will Not Allow Them To Penetrate Into Your Spiritual Heart.


Then These Ideas Produce One’s Thoughts And Feelings Which Are Perverted, Darkened


Then One’s View Points Of Oneself, Of Others, Of Life and Of Nations And What Is The Direction

All Life Should Be Going In Is Perverted, Darkened From The Ancient Truths/Light/Wine

Let’s Go Back Into Time, Back Through The Layers And Layers Of Dirt, Darkness

In Archeology, We Also Need To Have A Deep Respect For History And What Our Ancient Ancestors Knew And Believed In And Then What Their Ancient Symbols Of That Knowledge Can Tell Us About Ancient Times, Ancient Lives, Ancient Cultures, Ancient Spiritual Beliefs, Ancient Symbols To Speak/Communicate To Each Other And Now Out To Us.

Let’s Do A Quick Review Of What We Looked At In The Last Class

We Looked At The Definition Of


Webster’s Dictionary Defined This Word As



A Gross Covering Of Waxness Over The Spiritual Heart That Requires A Spiritual Circumcision

Now In This Class We Are Going To Look At The Definition Of The Word


Webster’s Dictionary Defines The Word LIGHT As

Something That Makes Vision Possible




Spiritual Illumination

Inner Light



Public Knowledge

( Facts Brought To You )

An Illumination

Something That Enlightens Or Informs

A Set Of Principles, Standards Or Opinions

A Light House, Beacon

A Flame For Lighting Something


Not Dark


To Ignite Something

To Set Fire To



So, A Light Is Needed For Many Many Things And Involves


Spiritual Illumination


Principles, Standards

A Guide In Storms

A Guide To Walk Without Stumbling Or Getting Lost In The Dark

Brings Fire/Passion To Something

Is Used To Destroy

That Which Burns And Purifies That Which Needs Separation From Impurities/Dross

Light Comes

In Many Watts/Levels Of Power/Illuminations

It Can Be Just A Small Candle/A Small Nite Light

A Light To Warm/Comfort And Heal Something

A Light To Walk By In The Darkness, A Candle Or An Oil Lamp

A Strong Light/Fire That Burns Out The Dead Stuff/Wood/Chaff Like

Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas, Precepts, Concepts, Lusts And Ignorance

That Can Not Stand Up In The Powerful Fires Of Purity From Impurities/Dross

Is Everyone Taking Notes?  Any Questions So Far?


Light And Dark

Effect Us Spiritually, And In Our Soul And In Our Physical Body

Now, With These Basic Ancient Symbols Of Ancient Truths We Can Begin To Dig Deeper.

Make Sure You Go To A Dictionary Yourself And Look Up These Definitions To Research Them Out.

These Two WORDS Are Going To Be Used In School To Help Us Re-Discover The Hidden Kingdoms And Their Symbols That We Need To Be Able To Read And Interpret So We Can Re-Discover Ancient Truths From Out Of The Long Forgotten Past And Their Roles In The Lives Of Humanity And Civilizations. You Will Need To Have Your New Wine Skins Ready So New Wine Can Be Poured In For You To Slowly Drink.

You Will Soon Re-Discover That Here On Earth,

Even Now

There Are Two Ancient Kingdoms Hidden From Your Earthly Sight

Our Ancient Ancestors Knew This,

Wrote About Them


Drew Pictures For Us To Read And To See And To Come To Know

The Kingdom Of Light

The Kingdom Of Darkness

The Next Class Will Dig Deeper Into The Ancient Symbols Of Long Forgotten Truths.

Come Again And Hear About 

What The Definition Of A Spiritual Kingdom Is.

See Everyone Next Class.  You Are Dismissed.  

Pastor Deborah












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