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Agape Love, Love Is Here


An International Ministry of HELPING PEOPLE through AGAPE LOVE to bring LIGHT and KNOWLEDGFE that Brings Deliverance, Freedom, Restoration, Recovery, and Healing to the 3 part system of a HUMAN, THE SPIRIT, THE SOUL AND THE PHYSCIAL BODY.

AGAPE LOVE, LOVE IS HERE is a World Wide Ministry To Bring Hope, Peace, Joy and Agape Love ( Unconditional Love Beyond The Earthly Senses ) to all Humanity.  Agape Love, Love Is Here Was Establish in 1995 to Fight Unseen, Unconquered and Unknown ENEMIES of Humanity that have NO BORDERS, NO BOUNDARIES that have brought Humanity and it’s 3 part system of SPIRIT, SOUL AND PHYSICAL BODY into Bondage through Abuse, Trauma, Pain, Ignorance, Vexation, Fear, Rejection, Loneliness, Abandonment, Sicknesses and Diseases and Bullying.

AGAPE LOVE, LOVE IS HERE is a ministry of PARTNERS AND ALLIES of those who also seek The Freedom and Healing of Humanity and it’s Land and Resources. PARTNERS AND ALLIES all on the same team, sitting at the same councils, talking together, connecting and helping each other to FIGHT ENEMIES UNSEEN, UNKNOWN AND UNCONQUERED.   AGAPE LOVE, LOVE IS HERE is a General of SHEPHERDING the Little Ones For Another, of EDUCATION of the 3 Part System of a Human and HAS taken it Leadership Position to Provide Training and Education to Others and To Help Others Discover The Hidden Leader In  Themselves.


AGAPE LOVE, LOVE IS HERE Flies THE BANNER OF FREEDOM  HIGH FOR ALL TO SEE. Agape Love Brings Strength and Courage into the Battle, Stands Strong in the Face of The Enemy of Humanity’s Freedom of SPIRIT, SOUL AND PHYSICAL BODY.  Agape Love, Love Is Here Has been in the War for many years and is a well trained General of Leadership.  Agape Love, Love Is Here knows the ENEMY of Humanity well and Battles Them Internationally to bring FREEDOM TO the precious lives of all.

Pastor Deborah is a Shepherd on the Battle Fields of The World, Watching and Guiding The Sheep into Safe and Healthy Pastures of Life, To Cool and Peaceful Streams of Water, and To A Life of Freedom. Pastor Deborah is skilled in Battle Tactics and Warfare as well As being an International Teacher to Allies of Freedom, of Joy, of Peace and Of Agape Love.  Pastor Deborah Shepherd’s Agape Love, Love Is Here Ministry and Is An International Teacher and Speaker of The Role of Spiritual Care in the Lives of Humanity, in the Areas of Freedom, Restoration, Recovery,  and Healing.  She Teaches Through Audio, Videos, and The Written Word.  She can speak to babies to Seniors.  She only speaks the Language of The Heart, The Language of The Spirit to all for Agape Love is The Voice of The Spirit.

Pastor Deborah can be contacted through the following lists. 

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Love Always and Forever

Pastor Deborah


Website URL:

YouTube Channel  The Hidden Kingdoms URL:

YouTube Channel For Children and Youth:  Over The Rainbow Channel ( Under the Banner of The Hidden Kingdoms Channel of Agape Love, Love Is Here) URL is :



Pastor Deborah’s Skype Name: Pastor Deborah Schleich – 1850-501-5040

Also see our contact information page for more ways to reach us.

Pastor Deborah’s email address is:  [email protected]

Pastor Deborah’s mailing address : 3492 Mai Kai, Drive, Pensacola, Florida 32526, USA

Location of Church

Booth #65, Inside Mall, Next To The Beer Booth
T&W Flea Market
1717 North T Street
Pensacola, FL 32505

Church Hours
Every Saturday & Sunday 9:30 – 1:30
Come and Receive Ministry


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