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The Recovery Village at Ridgefield, Washington State, United States of America




Agape Love, Love Is Here Global Ministry

is honored and pleased to announce the newest resource for helping people 

The Recovery Village at Ridgefield


The Ridgefield Recovery Center 


888 S. Hillhurst Road

Ridgefield, Washington State, United States of America





A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

A Resort style campus that about 45 minutes north of Portland, Oregon in the mountains of Washington State.




The Recovery Village Has a luxury Rehabilitation Center and a Detox Center

There is around the clock care

Supportive staff

Healing Atmosphere

Their Treatment Programs are designed to treat mental illnesses and substance abuse together and tailored to meet the individual needs of every client.

Most Major Insurance Plans are accepted


The Ridgefield Recovery Center and Village is a Sister Program of

Please Contact Samantha Litten – Outreach Specialist

[email protected]

That also believes in and provides a holistic view that a human is a 3 part system of Physical Body, Soul and Spirit. Through the philosophy and concepts that when a human is suffering from mental health, drug and alcohol problems that they are individual, family and community problems as well and all need to also discover or re-connect with and be supported by the realm of Faith and Hope that comes from a Higher Power that  desires to join the team of professionals to bring healing and restoration to the 3 part system, to the family and to the community.


Agape Love, Love Is Here Is Honored To Be A Resource of

The Recovery Village at Ridgefield


When Helping People also includes as an Equal Team Member of the Recovery and Support Programs of individuals, families and loved ones

A Higher Power

to help in bringing healing and support, restoration and recovery to all,

then the treatment is one of a holistic view point

that sees the need to have all areas of a human being helped by a team of Professionals of Mental Health, Alcohol, Drug and Spiritual

 In The Treatment and Recovery of the entire system of a human,

Of physical body, soul and spirit.

When Treatment Organizations See the need for and provides for Spiritual Care as an Equal Partner in Helping People with Mental Health, Drug and Substance Abuse Illnesses and Diseases, Then the Treatment Organization Is truly providing a HOLISTIC TREATMENT SUPPORT for the Individual and Their Loved Ones.

A Higher Power

Brings in The Realm of Faith and A Realm of Hope That only It can Provide

Faith and Hope

Are Vital

To Recovery and Restoration and Then Support

To not only an individual but to the family and loved ones.

And What Does Spiritual Care Look Like To The Unseen Spirit of a Human

For The Spirit Itself and It’s Faith, It’s Hope It’s Strength and Abilities also have been effected by the illnesses and diseases of

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

How is a Higher Power Discussed and Brought into the Treatment Team and Support of Helping People?


A Higher Power


You, Your Family, Your Loved Ones


 1.  First one needs to be open to the idea/the concept that a Higher Power GREATER than yourself MAYBE able to HELP you and be apart of your TEAM OF HELPERS,



You and Your family and loved ones to



2.  Second,  Recognize that there are problems with you and that has effected yourself, your loved ones, your family and has caused issues in the community that need to be healed.


3.  Third,  Recognizing that solving these problems, you MUST BEGIN TO BELIEVE that THERE MIGHT BE A SOLUTION to getting your life, your family life, your loved ones and even within the community and that THIS SOLUTION will include a HIGHER POWER.

4.  Fourthly,  You must begin TO BELIEVE that THERE MUST BE some information/knowledge/truth/wisdom/education SOMEWHERE, FROM SOMEONE that can HELP YOU solve your intimate personal problems of mental health and substance abuse and any trauma from your childhood.

5.  Fifthly,  Taking Baby Steps of FAITH/BELIEF in that JUST MAYBE This HIGHER POWER you are either just learning about, finding or re-connecting back to slowly, can HELP YOU and your family, and your loved ones SOLVE your mental health, substance abuse and childhood trauma for you will begin to learn that ALL YOU HAVE TRIED and that YOUR solutions are not and have not worked and is not working.

6.  Sixthly,  Have a DESIRING HEART to get to know and understand the HIGHER POWER, and DEVELOP a TRUSTING Relationship with This HIGHER POWER

7. Seventhly,  To begin taking small steps of trusting yourself, your problems, your recovery, your family and loved ones to this HIGHER POWER by

*Allowing It To Have A Place in your daily life *

*To See/Believe In That This Higher Power can be a Equal Partner as a Physician & Healer in your illnesses, diseases and traumas even from childhood.*

*Teacher & Guide *

*A Refuge and Comforter, Even in one’s Dreams *

*One’s Spiritual Anchor and Strong Tower of Spiritual Protection*


8. Eight,  Learning HOW to HEAR , LISTEN AND OBEY the VOICE of THE HIGHER POWER Through

A Personal Relationship

Studying and Reading About Him and His Ways of Healing ad Recovery

Spending Quiet Times With This Higher Power and To Think About His Words Of Health and Healing


9. Nine,  Commit yourself to a PARTNERSHIP and a PERSONAL Relationship with This Higher Power to help you get physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.  To be committed to regaining one’s health, wellness and recovery within one’s own life and then with loved ones, and family and then out into the community.  Build a new and partnership with This Higher Power to help you to NOT RETURN TO A LIFE OF DIS-EASE, SICKNESS, ADDICITON AND ILLNESSES.

10.  Ten,  Learn to become an EQUAL PARTNER in your JOURNEY to WELLNESS.  But at first, JUST ALLOW The Higher Power to LOVE YOU, COMFORT YOU, BRING YOU PEACE IN your Spirit, Soul and Physical Body. Allow This Higher Power to be your spiritual REFUGE for your spirit and soul and allow Him to bring JOY BACK to your heart and spirit and to provide a light for your path in life and to help you live in health and wellness.

11. Eleven Allow yourself to begin to love yourself, and to love others with the help of The Higher Power and becoming healthy and well and to recover the joy and dignity that has been lost to you due to the illnesses and diseases of mental health and substance abuse.



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