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Sen. Lankford Takes Democrats to School: ‘Is That a Baby? – The United States Senate of America


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Sep 29, 2015
The Image and Likeness of The Kingdom of Darkness, Satan Himself at Work Killing Babies 
For It Is Said, He Was A Murder From The Beginning
Those who Support, Do and Condone This Practice of Killing A Baby, A Child no matter the Reason or Excuse, Have The Heart of Satan, Not The Heart of The Love of God at work within them.  No Law Is Righteous That Says Killing a Baby in The Womb is A Right, Is The Law or Is a Health Issue , but only a Law of Death for the Innocent.  Child Sacrifice is still going on to the God of The World , Satan.
The God of This World of Death is At Work, Not The God of The Spirit of Life
Please know that Pastor Deborah is able to spiritually go inside the womb of woman, cuddle the human spirit, look into it’s eyes, bless it and dedicate it to The Heavenly Father of The Kingdom of Heaven and send it out of it’s body as DEATH WAS COMING.  This is an Holy Ministries of The Holy Spirit and The Heavenly Father’s Agape Love for these precious little ones He loves so very much.
Pastor Deborah is honored to move in the Gifts of The Spirit to NOT LOOSE ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES for the Heavenly Father, but to SAVE THEM for His Kingdom.
Agape Love Will Go even into the womb’s of a woman, to provide spiritually ministry to the spiritual child the Gift of the Cross of Christ Jesus.  The Heavenly Father’s Heart will not LOOSE even one of these little ones.
Pastor Deborah also spiritually visits in dreams of the spirit all those that work in this Industry of Abortion to bring Light, Knowledge into the Darkness of Evil and Death so The Light of The Spirit and Life can be see, heard and a heart will come to know the Spiritual Truth of Abortion and Who The Father of It is,  The Father of Murder, Lies and Darkness/Ignorance,  Satan Himself.
Pastor Deborah
This Video Is Not The Intellectual Property of Agape Love, Love Is Here, But Is Streamed From Youtube
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