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2020 Christian Testimony Video (How I Encountered The Love of Jesus As A Muslim)



November 2020

This video is my Christian testimony on how I encountered the love of Jesus as a Muslim and experience transformation. I shared this in a conference in March 2020 in Florida. I hope it inspires you to seek God’s love for yourself and experience His Presence. I was a Muslim with insecurities and fears like any other. I did not know the truth nor who God is. I always loved God but had no knowledge of His nature, character and more importantly how He sees me. But then I came to know Jesus and realized that Jesus is the Word of God about Me (and you). He came to unveil the truth about who we are. In this video, not only I share my testimony on conversion from Islam to Christianity, but also I share with you the revelation of love that made me to become a Christian.
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This is the session 1 of Immersion 2 Conference (2020) at Word of Christ International Church of Florida.
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