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The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon, Part 1




Pastor Deborah is Honored that you have stopped by and are watching this Wonderful Video of The Book, The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon. Pastor Deborah wrote it many years ago to help her and others to understand what the spiritual Kingdom that was here on the earth and was in opposition to the Agape Love of The Heavenly Father and His Kingdom of Heaven.


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Darkness is defined as Ignorance A Kingdom is defined as a Land, Territory where a King Rules and owns all in it’s land and territory. A King is the Ruler/Master/Controller of all that is in the Kingdom He or She Rules.

Scriptures mentioned are from the Authorized King James Version

1.Romans 8 : 35 37, and 39

2. Hebrews 4: 12

3. Matthew 18 : 18

A Movie that can help you understand The Kingdom of Darkness watch the movie The Cell. It is on the web site in the Education Section of the web site in the moves side bar.

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The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon, Part 2 coming next

Love Pastor Deborah

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