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The Kingdom of Darkness Part 8, Spiritual Babylon, Who Is The King of The Kingdom of Darkness?




Welcome again to another Spiritual Teaching on The Kingdom of Darkness, Spiritual Babylon. This Episode is called Who Is The King of The Kingdom of Darkness, Part 8.

Learn more about his unseen governmental system of ruling and reining the spirit, soul and physical body of humans so that they can make laws, control earthly governments that will slowly bring the entire world system of The Kingdom of Darkness as the only government allowed in a human’s three part system and on the earth governing the earth, it’s resources, the nations and all the minerals and provide a world wide government for humans and the planets creatures under the King of The Kingdom of Darkness.

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Scriptures Referenced Included are From the Authorized King James Version

1. Matthew 13 : 39

2. Ephesians 2 : 1 – 12

3. 1 Peter 5 : 8

4. Revelations 9 : 11

5. Revelations 12 : 9

6. Revelations 13 : 4


Movies Mentioned Include

1. Ghost, with Whoopi Goldberg

2 .Ends of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger

3.  Harry Potter Movies, – A Cloak of Invisibility

5. Pakistan Girls School Video, Youtube about teaching at a girl’s school how to behead a person for speaking bad about Mohammad, The Prophet of Islam

6. Study Ancient Egypt and their beliefs and religion.


Personal Stories Told

1. Bedroom Story of Meeting Satan and being Hidden spiritually under Wings of an Angel

2. The Courtroom of The Court of The Universe to defend and battle Pastor Deborah’s legal spiritual right to the Keys of Hell, Death and The Grave so I could legally go into Hell and Preach the Agape Love Of The Heavenly Father


Prayer for Healing and Breaking of The Satanic and Kingdom of Darkness’s Blood Contract and replacing it with another Everlasting Covenant with the blood of a lamb.


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2. Mental Health and The Forever Person

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Episode or Part #9 coming next, The Kingdom of Darkness, It’s Sphere of Rulership, It’s Rights of it’s Kingship, It’s Territory, It’s Legal Right to be the atmosphere, the air surrounding the planet called earth. Also, where it’s Strongholds, It’s Castles, It’s House are. See You in the Next Class.

Love Pastor Deborah

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