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Spiritual Care, Looking A Little Closer At Our Hidden Self, The Spirit

June 2019


Hello Again, This Is Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here – a Ministry Helping People The Lord’s Way. This recent blog is to help you, Dear One begin to Believe that the real you, the Spirit you, is a eternal Being – A SPIRIT. One who is alive and living in the realm of The Spirit in a Body of Dirt from the earth.

Then, one can from this belief/concept begin to learn about oneself as a spirit.  Then and also can at the same time begin learning about the other parts of oneself, The Soul with all of it’s multiple levels of consciousness and functions.  

In this Blog, I hope that you are beginning to re-discover yourself as a spiritual being who has also been affected by child abuse or trauma of any kind and needs to be restored to wholeness, recovered from the darkness of fear and it’s torment and healed in all of it’s areas where the abuse and trauma have brought sickness and disease into the spirit itself.

Through History of Humanity, many others have had this concept/belief that




Physical Body

This spiritual concept/belief is not new to humanity and has been known in the world of spirituality, the realm of the occult, witchcraft, in circles of medicine men and women of tribes, with Shamans, by those who preform Exorcisms/deliverance ministry, many monks of deep spiritual beliefs, many writers of science fiction,  movie writers, writers of fairy tales and cartoons, and even the Ancient Pharaohs and Kings, ancient Priests of the Gods of a country all believed that a HUMAN was a 3 part being, and the spiritual part need to be in contact and communication with a Higher Power/A God, another spiritual being.

This ancient concept/belief has also been known and realized by many others who by trauma, abuse, near death experiences have also discovered that there is MORE TO THEMSELVES than what they knew existed and that this other part of themselves WAS ALIVE and HAD A BODY with THE SAME FUNCTIONS as their other part of them had, a Soul/Mind with a body!  But this newly discovered part of oneself could not be seen or heard in the realm of the earthly senses.

A very good movie that has recently come out about this concept and reality is

Dr. Strange


With Benedict Cumberbatch

A fictional super hero appearing in American Comic books published by Marvel Comics.  The Movie brings to live this ancient story with a very modern view and impact.  Dr. Strange would become and serve as The Sorcerer Supreme, The Primary Protector of the Earth and it’s people against magical and mystical enemies.  Dr. Strange was a very well known and prestigious surgeon and it was his hands that he used as well as his photographic mind to HELP PEOPLE.  But a tragic car accident happened and Dr. Strange’s hands were badly damaged and no amount of surgery and rehabilitation could return them back to full health so he could continue his medical profession of surgery.  Depression set in, then came the anger at the very woman he loved and cherished. Pain and sorrow and yet so much wanting to return to health in his hands SO HE COULD BE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE THROUGH HIS art and skill as a SURGEON. 

So, Dr. Strange began looking for ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES to HELP HEAL HIS HANDS and read about a man who had been severely injured and yet he seem to be 100% healed.  Dr. Strange was told to go to an ancient city in Tibet and find a mystic.  So, off he went to find his HEALING. So He did find the person who he was told to find, but he found something else, A Reality He knew nothing about, His ASTRO SELF!!  HIS SPIRIT, THE REAL HIM!!

His Astro Self

His Spirit

The Realm of The Astro/Spirit

He discovered things he new nothing about or even believed in, but through personal experience in this new REALM that had been opened up to him, he learned.  His ASTRO/SPIRIT self read books while his physical body sleep, his ASTRO/SPIRIT self moved in and out of buildings, Travel through space and time and then learned about the Ancient enemies and their heart’s desires.  So, Dr. Strange began his journey of Astro/Spiritual education through Books, classes of personal experiences with teachers and tutors and more studying long into the night.  Then came the invaluable personal experience with the evil side of the Astro Realm/the Spiritual Realm and with those who served this evil side of the Astro/Spirit Realm that sought to do evil under the disguise of good to all humanity.

The Unseen Realm was opened up to Dr. Strange – A Discovery of The Good, The Powerful Abilities, and The Bad was experienced, seen and Dr. Strange began to see and become aware of somethings he knew nothing about, yet was all around him and had been.  He became exposed to abilities and powers unknown to this very intelligent surgeon and he had to remain under teachers and tutors.  He had many questions to ask and understood very little of this realm and the people, but he began to.

Then he had to make a decision for himself, use the Evil Powers of the Astro World to physically heal his hands for his own personal healing to return back to his old life in HELPING PEOPLE or to ALLOW HIS HANDS TO STAY AS THEY ARE – NOT HEALED FOR SURGERY or Use This newly discovered POWERS AND ABILITIES in a different way TO HELP PEOPLE than what he knew?  Which realm did he want to HELP PEOPLE in?  By what POWER AND ABILITIES did he want to use to HELP PEOPLE with?  From what source of KNOWLEDGE did he want to work from TO HELP PEOPLE?  Dr. Strange had to make a these decisions FOR HIS LIFE, FOR HUMANITY ITSELF and How he was GOING TO HELP PEOPLE now with this new information about a realm and it’s powers he just learned about

This was a very personal and important  decision he had to make, but he needed help to make it.  He heard again from his girlfriend that she had always believed that there were OTHER WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE besides just being an earthly surgeon to the earthly body.  Then he sought the counsel of his wise teachers and tutors.  The ancient teacher helped him as she dying and letting go of this life.  She in the Astro Realm talked to Dr. Strange and he learned she had been waiting for her replacement to come along with the heart she had for humanity so she could finally die and rest.  He was now at the crossroads of his life and for humanity.

The Astro/Spiritual Realm Way of Helping People


Return Back To The Old Way In The Natural/Earthly Realm

Dr. Strange had to choose his path and HOW HE WAS GOING TO HELP PEOPLE.

Watch the Movie, It will begin to help you RE-DISCOVER of yourself and how hard this new concept is to you, your soul.  This Blog hopefully begins to show you and give you visual illustration/parable to watch and ponder to help you begin to RE-DISCOVER your REAL SELF, You, The Spirit Being and that you real you is a SPIRIT and lives in a REALM/WORLD that is unknown to you, but is JUST AS REAL AS THE EARTHLY REALM you are familiar with and see every day.  Watch the movie and feel free to contact me about it so I can help explain it to you in more depth about this Astro/Spiritual realm of the spirit.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah







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