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Spiritual Care, Re-Discovery Of The Spirit, The Real You

June 2019


Hello and Welcome again, this is Pastor Deborah of Agape Love, Love Is Here with another Blog to help continue revealing the concept of spiritual care and the re-discovery of the spirit, the real person and it’s need for healing, restoration and recovery just as much as the soul and physical body need.

Pastor Deborah can be reached at or by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @ pastordeborah@ agapelove or on youtube at, The Hidden Kingdoms Channel as well as on several Podcast Platforms.

It is hoped that this Blog will continued to unveil to you the concept of spiritual care and it’s need for inclusion into the total team of those who seek to bring about the healing, restoration and recovery of those who have had a trauma of any kind of abuse in childhood. Childhood abuse is the most violent and damaging to a spirit, soul and physical body. The scars and memories remain hidden behind locked doors and the heart creates others to live life in the 3-part system and fight back against the emergence of the memories of pain, fear, anger, abandonment, rejection by those who were to be the anchor of the spirit, soul and physical body and thus building a solid foundation that would endure the storms of life and it’s many issues.

When the spirit, soul and physical body are not anchored in safety, in love, in acceptance, in being valued as a human, then the spirit and soul are severely abused and damaged and will need deep healing, restoration and recovery.

Allow this Blog to speak words of spirit and agape love to your heart and soul.

Re-Discovery of The Spirit, The Real You

What is the Spirit?

Is It a living Creature?

A living Being?

Is It Real?

What is it’s Purpose in a human, in me, in others?

Do animals have one?

What is the spirit suppose to do in the soul and physical body?

Does it have a body?

Does It wear clothes?

Does It sing and write?

Does it talk. see, hear, walk, think, have feelings, does it sleep, does it eat and drink?

Does every human have one?

Do babies in womb have one?

What kind of food does it eat?

How does it grow?

Does it go to school?

It gets sick, right?  Hurt?  Abused?

Does it ever die?

What kind of world/realm does it live in?

Does it live in a house, or a city?

Are all spiritual beings the same?

My goodness, such really good questions everyone is asking.

Yes, there are answers to all these questions.

First, To have the correct understanding, one must have the correct knowledge of what the spirit is.  One’s concepts, ideas and perceptions of what the spirit is, it’s nature, it’s character and components and how childhood abuse effects the spirit is vital and then how true spiritual care can bring healing, restoration and recovery to the spirit are necessary to have and to be believing in and applying this knowledge and it’s understanding to the spirit and to the effects of childhood abuse. Then leaning why the spirit has been effected by the childhood abuse and needs to be spiritually healed, restored and recovered.

So, what is the original concept of even the word Spirit?

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word SPIRIT as

1. Breath

2. An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms

3 .  A supernatural being or essence

4. Can be a malevolent ( evil ) being that is bodiless, but can become visible/ghost

5. A malevolent ( evil ) being that enters and possesses a human being

6.  An immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person

7.  The acting or essential principal influencing a person

8.  The part of a person who communes with, interacts with a Higher Power/A God/and other spiritual beings of this realm


To help one see a better picture of what a spirit is, where it is located and a beginning of it’s function. Some people have used the idea of an electric light blub.  This illustration is an example that will help one to see simple picture of a human and it’s 3 part or tri-part system.

Within the electric light blub there are several components 




The example of an electric light blub for an illustration of the 3 -part being is the Spirit is sort of like the


The Light that is seen is representative of the


and the Wire that shines out the Light from the Electricity ( spirit ) is sort of the role of

Physical Body

The cause of the light, that which represents the soul comes through the wire is the Electricity ( the spirit )

So,  the Spirit ( the electricity ) acts upon the Soul ( the light of the electricity ) and the Soul  ( the light ) in turn expresses itself through the body( the wire )

This maybe helpful to you, but there are other illustrations that can also be helpful in understanding this hidden part of each of us and then believing that we have one, A SPIRIT and that it TOO has been affected severely by one’s childhood abuse and trauma of any kind just as the Soul and the Physical Body have been.

Here are a few more helpful bits of knowledge that may help you to re-discover the spirit inside of yourself and others.

1  Our physical body is the part of us that is conscious of the earthly, carnal, seen world.  A human uses their 5 biological senses of the biological brain and the senses of the physical body to learn about, study, get to know, find our way, to be safe from enemies, to develop our emotions.  One uses the eyes for vision, the nose for smelling, the eyes for sight, the ears for hearing and the entire body for touch.  The physical body is made of material of the earth/dirt itself and earthly minerals and water.  So that to keep it healthy and strong it must eat of the things of the earthly physical world.  At the end of life, this part of a human returns back to the dirt of the earth from which it was made from just as all earthly life forms do.


2.  One’s SOUL as represented by the Light of the Electric Light Blub gives us our SELF -CONSCIOUNESS  complete with ones 2 Consciousness , the first level of one’s awareness/mind and then the deep sub-conscious mind of the heart/the hidden man where the real self is located. It can be more understood when one looks at Light.

Light seems to be just one color, on one spectrum, but in reality it is made of many levels of the light visible and invisible.  When light rays go through a prism, out the other side is a rainbow of colors that were always in the light, but not able to be seen until the light was shinned through a glass prism. We see this in the sky when sun light shines through the clouds of water droplets and we see a rainbow of colors. Our Soul is like that one, but many shades and colors.

In the Soul, this part of a human has a very complex system of self.

This component consists of 2 levels of operation and function

Both levels consist of

Learning Abilities


Values, Concepts, Ideas, Thoughts, that are shaped and conformed by the many things such as Feelings about oneself, events that occur, the culture one lives in, the race, gender, religion, family life, education, nutrition, by it’s 5 senses.

This area of a human, it’s self consciousness is also developed and formed by illnesses, sicknesses, disabilities, genetics, abuse and trauma and it’s many different lusts of the hidden man such as The Lust of It’s Flesh, The Lust of it’s Eyes, and It’s Pride it has in itself and it’s beauty and knowledge.

3.  The Electricity/The Spirit is the deeply hidden part of a human and is where one contacts, communicates with, interacts with a Higher Power or other spiritual beings of that realm that also reside in the realm where this part of a human resides, the realm of the spirit.   This part of a human is the part that can speak to, that listens to, that hears, that sees, that smells the things of the Spirit realm. This one has a full spiritual body with all the components as a physical body does. It will take on the look of the physical body in the womb and as the physical body grows which is the earthly covering/clothes/tent/house made for the spiritual body.

This part of a human is the one that gives us A Higher Power/Spiritual/God Consciousness as well as awareness of the spiritual realm and all that live and are apart of it, even the evil ones.

This is the part of a human/the Electricity the area which A Higher Power desires to dwell in and contacts and interacts with.

So, it is hoped that this elementary knowledge of oneself begins a journey into re-discovery of one self as a spirit and that it too is important to a human and it too has been effected by childhood abuse and trauma and needs to be healed, restored and recovered.

So, until the next blog, ponder, think, discuss and research for your self these concepts of that part of you called the spirit and the part of you that has been created to live in a realm of the spirit and is eternal.

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah










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