Friday, March 01, 2024
Words Of Encouragement

The Road To Emmaus, A Meeting Of Two Hearts

Dear Little One,

As You Travel The Road To Emmaus And Encounter Christ Jesus In Ways That Only Could Be Revealed On This Road, Rejoice For He Is Nearer Than You Believe. His Heart Has Been Waiting To Reveal More Of Itself To You, But You Had To Be On This Road. Why Only On This Road? That Is His Way Of Meeting You Where You Are, When You Are Ready And When You Least Expect It.

The Spiritual Discovery Is Always A Suddenly, Without Warning, And Not In The Way And When We Expect. He Likes For Us To Walk And He Usually Then Joins Us As He Travels With Us On A Road After Such A Loss Of A Loved One.

Yet, What Seemed To Be A Loss Only Spiritually Provided The Road, The Circumstances For The Soul To Be Ready To Walk And Talk With The Risen Lord As He Is Now, Alive and Well!!

This New Level Of Spiritual Relationship Is One That Will Take Your Breath Away For It Comes In A Way Your Heart And Soul Were Not Expecting. You Will Learn That He Is Like That, Just As We Are Walking In Our Hurts And Pains, Usually Alone On A Lonely Road – Out Of The Realm of The Spirit, The Risen Lord, Christ Jesus Through The Power Of The Holy Spirit Openly Reveals Himself To Us As We Walk The Road To Emmaus.

He Talks With Us As Though He Were Physically Right Next To Us As Our Loved Ones Had Been, But He Is There In His Glorified State Of A Risen King, A Mighty Victor Of Hell, Of Death And The Grave. The Light Of Agape Love Shinning Right Next To You, Talking With You, Shinning His Rays Of Life And Agape Love On You, Refreshing Your Spirit and Soul. From Out Of Eternity He Came, Made Himself Visible and Audible To You As You Were Walking To Emmaus. You, One Of His Precious Little Ones Who Has Gone Through A Great Loss, And Now Are Ready To Begin To See, To Know And To Really Have A Spiritual Encounter With The Love Of Your Spiritual Heart, Christ Jesus.
He Has Been Waiting For You To Walk This Road So He Could Show/Reveal Himself To You In Ways That Only You And Him Could Image.

As The Others Who Walked This Road Long Ago Discovered, Their Spiritual Heart Came Alive When A Stranger Talked With Them About The Kingdom Of Heaven, The Agape Love Of God, The Heavenly Father And Christ Jesus and The Riches Of The Gift Of Life For Humanity.

Little One, He Is Always There Walking With You. His Heart Is Big Enough To Carry You and Your Pain, Your Worries and Your Fears. Hold His Hand, And Just Walk And Talk

Love Always And Forever

Pastor Deborah 

Agape Love, Love Is Here Church

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